Berna was a Swiss maker of trolleybuses, buses and trucks, which later also specialized in parts and surface metallurgical treatments. Before the 1960s it was mainly a vehicle maker, but between 1965 and 1978 vehicle production was phased out and replaced with several other goods. The business was located in Olten.
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The organization initially made automobiles, and Wyss was its first auto designer. Yet another version was powered by engines, that have been put around the backside. In 1903, a fresh car called the Unicum was created with all the engine put around the front and also the rear wheels were powered by chains. By 1905, Berna was also constructing trucks/lorries.
In 1907, Wyss sold the business to some businessman named Locher, who ultimately went broke. The business came under English get a grip on in 1908, and creation of automobiles ended, but it had been bought back by investors in 1912, and re-organized as Motorwagenfabrik Berna AG. In 1929, following a amount of fiscal issues, Saurer got majority get a grip on of Berna. Producing of buses and trucks continued, including trolleybuses starting in 1940.
In 1965, Berna branched out in to metallurgy with two new subsidiaries within america and Germany, attempting to sell the metal treatment product "Bernex". In 1978 the business had 650 workers and realized 55 million CHF in sales. In 1995, Berna AG had 45 CHF and 160 workers in sales. 
Creation of trolleybuses contained both twoaxle and articulated vehicles and lasted from 1940 to 1967. Despite the fact that the total amount made was just 131, they were bought by seven of the nation's 15 different urban trolleybus operators, or about half of urban Swiss trolleybus systems existing throughout the interval.
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