The BVP M-80, is really a Yugoslavian infantry fighting vehicle, created from the 80's until the nation's
Early study and development of the M-80 started in 1969, with screening of the very first accomplished image in 1974. First instances of the BVP M-80 rolled-out in 1979 but complete entry to service occurred in 1982. An upgraded version was revealed a year after having a designation M-80A. This form had an even stronger motor and relatively better armor. Around 800 automobiles were created before the separation of the nation.
The initial production version was the M-80 which was just made in little numbers. The car used a French-built engine with the output of 260 hp, exactly the same engine as used in AMX10P. After just annually, Yugoslavia began license manufacturing of Daimler-Benz's 320 hp motor in national FAMOS factories. This form received a fresh appointment as M-80A.
It had been utilized widely throughout the Yugoslav Wars.
The M-80A is equipped with a single 20 mm gun, coaxial machine-gun 7.62 mm and double launcher for cable directed antitank missiles. It is NBC protected, fire-suppression setup, inside water and heating ejecting system. It's completely amphibious and may perform crossing of any water obstacle without preceding preparations. Max. Infantry leaves IFV through 2 doors in the rear of the automobile.
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