Beardmore Engine History
Created and built by Arrol-Johnston, Ltd, a fully owned subsidiary of William Beardmore and Co. The style, thought to be dependent upon the prewar AustroDaimler engine, the Beardmore 160hp variation was considered exceptional in lots of ways. Although constructed by Arrol-johnston Ltd, the title was adopted in the dynamic and entrepreneurial industrialist "William Beardmore". William Beardmore (Jnr) after his dad's departure, continued to manage and create the 18th-century steel forgings company into an industrial giant, engaging a cadre of approximately 40,000 during the WWI period. The
factories spread-out over the banks of the Clyde, producing armaments, ships, engines and aircraft.
The Beardmore engine included some unique designs, one being the low-speed but effective oil pump design and another the utilization of electroplating to build the one-piece water jacket that ensured a light but lasting construction to keep the coolant. Steel quality, outstanding engineering and building procedures meant the engines survived in civilian service long after World War 1 and were structurally better than numerous similar kinds.
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