Bofors is really a Swedish business. The name is connected with the iron business for much more than 350 years.
Situated in Karlskoga, Sweden, the business arises from the hammering trip hammer factory "Boofors" founded 1646. The current corporate structure was made in 1873 with the foundation of Aktiebolaget Bofors-Gullspang. A leading Swedish steel company from early 1870s, Bofors enlarged into weapons manufacture when steel created through the process started to be utilized for gun manufacture. The organization's first cannon workshop was opened in 1884. Bofors' most well-known owner was Alfred Nobel, who possessed the business from 1894 until his death in December 1896. Nobel performed the crucial part in reshaping the iron and steel company into chemical market participant and a modern cannon maker. As a fully owned subsidiary company the powder maker AB Bofors Nobelkrut, after an explosives and common organicchemical company, is made in 1898. By 1911 AB Bofors-Gullspang had outcompeted, purchased and closed down its Finspang Swedish competition in cannon production. 
In 1987, Swedish Radio alleged that Bofors paid illegal commissions to crucial defence officials and leading Indian politicians to seal the deal. Three years after the scandal led to the defeat of Rajiv Gandhi in elections.
In September 2000 United Defense Industries of the Usa got Bofors Weapons Systems, while the missile interests were retained by Saab.
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