Its products include minibuses, autos, and automotive parts. It manages a carmaking joint venture with a mini bus along with BMW - making joint venture with Toyota. The business trades on Frankfurt stock exchanges and the Hong-kong.
In 2012, the company made 591,000 passenger automobiles, the 10th biggest creation of any Chinese automobile manufacturer that year. The amount of automobiles as passenger automobiles counted conflates customer choices and light commercial trucks and vans.
Brilliance Car is listed in the Frankfurt and Hong-kong stock exchanges. Qi Yumin has become the CEO and President since January 2006.
In 2003, Brilliance and BMW signed a deal for the creation of BMWbranded sedans in China. Its versions are, along with Beijing Benz Mercedes Benzes, FAW Group Audis, and Lexuses, a number of the sole Western luxury vehicles to have gained recognition within the Chinese marketplace.
Revenue in many European countries ceased this year.
In 2009, the business was the eighth-biggest automaker in China. It sold over 000 passenger vehicles, 150 and almost 80, 000 mini-buses that year.
This Year, Brilliance was clearly one of the best ten mostproductive carmakers in China promoting a half-million units and coming in ninth.
It created 523,500 entire vehicles in 2011, ranking eighth among Chinese automobile manufacturer when it comes to production quantity
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