Casalini S.r.l. is the earliest microcar company on the planet. The factory can be found in Piacenza.
Casalini microcars have an auto body of glass-fibre plastic. The motor is a 635 cubic diesel made by Mitsubishi.
The factory created tricycles and moped bikes up to the late-sixties. The factory was left by the first microcar 1969. The Sulky, which then proved to be car, was designed for folks with no driver licence and it had an engine with less-than 50 cc. The very first Sulky was created in big amounts exceeding 10,000 units. The aesthetic and technical development of the car was called Sulkyydea (1996), Sulkydea LV (2004), Ydea (2000) and Sulky (2008). Within the last several years, the creation of two transportation - and leisure time automobiles are added: Pickup and Kerry. The rate limit of 45 km/h further improves significant security components. Casalini S.r.l. exists in most markets of the EU.
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