Automobiles were produced by the Chandler Motor Company within the US through the 1910s and 1920s.
Corporate strategy
Chandler and lots of other Lozier executives left the organization to create his organization.
Chandler concentrated on creating a great quality motorcar within the cost range of middle income Americans. Chandlers were well-received in the market.
In 1920, Chandler had a distinct 6 vehicles, starting from $1995 to $3595. This grew to 10 by 1922, starting from $1495 to $2375. In 1924, they launched the "Traffic Transmission," a constantmesh gearbox that reduced the demand for additional clutching when downshifting. This is many years before General Motors provided the "Synchro Mesh" transmission, which enabled the motorist to shift into first gear while moving ahead at reduced rates.
Chandler's summit year was 1927, when they offered 20,000 vehicles. Expectations for continuing development of the marketplace led to overexpansion from the business the next year, which completed 1928 over half a million dollars in debt.
In 1929, Chandler Motor Company was bought by its expanding adversary Hupp Motor Works because of its factory and production facilities, as well as the business name was discontinued.
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