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It was established by the Argentine-created Alejandro de Tomaso (1928 2003) in Modena in 1959. It initially created numerous prototypes and racing vehicles, including a Formula One auto for Frank Williams' team in 1970. The firm developed a reputation for creating sports and luxury cars. From 1976 to 1993 De Tomaso possessed celebrated Italian sports car manufacturer Maserati, and was responsible for creating automobiles including the Kyalami, the Biturbo, Quattroporte III, Karif, along with the Chrysler TC. 
Based on the creator's narrative, the image of De Tomaso means the iron device used to brand horses in his own 'estancia', while its colors are those of Argentinian flag. When Alejandro interrupted his studies, his destiny was already foreseen by him: he might have committed his life to autos. 
The assemblage facilities were built-in Albareto, a suburb of Modena, only several miles from the current plant.
Followed by a job for Indianapolis, among the very first automobiles made we discover a Formula Junior and a F1car, powered by a level counterposed 8 cylinders, created by Engineer Massimino. As a result of the method of trading, in 1962 Osca furnished De Tomaso with two engines, a 1100 cc plus a 2,000 cc with two camshaft, which were used for athletics 'Barchetta' versions.
56 'Vallelunga' were assembled, lots of them took part in races, hence getting remarkable successes.
Anyway, central chassis stays an important target in De Tomaso history, and somehow it appears to be the actual make of the 'estancia' in Modena. Still this sport image was more an exercise of design when compared to a pure racing-car, also it participated in a couple of races. In 1966 De Tomaso offered in Geneva an 8 cylinder-2000 cc barchetta, composed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, who in 1965 began working at Ghia. 
Two versions of 'Mangusta' were sold: to the one-hand, the European edition with 4728 cc-306 Hp, as well as to another, the edition for United States (4949 cc-230 Hp), where 280 manufactured vehicles were shipped. It was really an unexpected achievement, that led Ford to have more than 80 percent of De Tomaso S.p.A. shares.
Up-to that minute, no one reached the same number of automobiles created in Modena. Races have consistently been of primary relevance for De Tomaso business, not just to win, but also to analyze how great its thoughts and, autos were.
But, the involvement in F1 in 1970 was an exception. To the best de Tomaso took part with just one vehicle, a red racing-car with standard De Tomaso colours. At that time, Project Leader was Giampaolo Dallara, exactly the same guy who nowadays of a number of other groups, while Frank Williams played the part of operator and Group Manager and is in control of the creation of 80 percent of vehicles that race in Indianapolis. But sadly, during the fourth race the 28 yearold English motorist, Piers Courage, had an injury and perished in Zanvoord on June 21st. Due to this catastrophe, Alejandro appeared not to be attracted by races generally and Formula 1 project any more.
In 1972 Ford got even Vignale and Ghia, where Panteras were made, as well as all shares were took once again. In the meanwhile, De Tomaso bought Benelli, and assembled Longchamp and Deauville. Gepi he took over Innocenti, which built the brand new version of English Mini, designed from the well-known stylist Bertone jointly with the next year. 
In 1972 Ford got even Vignale and Ghia, where Panteras were made, as well as all shares were took once again. In the meanwhile, De Tomaso bought Benelli, and assembled Longchamp and Deauville. Gepi he took over Innocenti, which built the brand new version of English Mini, designed from the well-known stylist Bertone jointly with the next year. 
The Business Today
The contract between De Tomaso Modena SpA and Jsc 'UAZ' which was initially signed on May, 1999 becomes absolutely operating thanks for the creation, which starts next fall, of the off highway car produced in the alliance between both businesses.
The features of the brand-new vehicle place it in the peak of the global market as much as performances are involved, in its class. The off highway vehicle will probably be furnished with a fresh motor IVECO, common-rail, 116 Hp, 85 Kw, 270 Nm.
The car acquired the european homologation, passing each of the 36 directives.
Through the fifth-year, with a regular working program, 20.000 units will probably be created, with a start accounting for 350 million-euro. The off highway vehicle will probably be offered having a competitive cost, in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece. In such states the potential dealears are currently decided. The co-operation between De Tomaso Modena SpA and Jsc 'UAZ' will be furtherly developed due to the construction of the recent plant for the creation of vehicles throughout the establishment of a post or auto district within the disaster region of Crotone state, Cutro municipality. This plant, for that job will probably be supported by Eni Sud (ENI group). UAZ, historic group of 4X4 vehicles in Russia, has become part of the group Severstal, among the very best companies for the metallurgy.
The relevance of the arrangement is pressured from the truth that this may be actually the first industrial european procedure, regarding off highway vehicles, following the Berlin Wall fall.
After forty years, now De Tomaso factory remains the area where Alejandro's thoughts are carried out. Viale Virgilio plant autos are actually dream things, because the delight of high speed has consistently been charming, in as the automobile industry is constantly changing. That's the main reason why De Tomaso is undoubtedly the earliest remaining independent exotic carmaker in Italy. With no doubt, De Tomaso stood and continues standing tall within the thought section. 'Guara' is a traditional De Tomaso automobile, and the sole limit to its fashion, technique and speed depends upon background. As a matter of fact, the potential is stricly connected to the current, this in its turn, is the product of yesteryear.
The contract between UAZ and De Tomaso is the actual amazing job. Aiming at creating and promoting 'Simbir' SUV throughout Europe, now Mr. Alejandro De Tomaso has located a brand new business partner, whose name must be used to that of Maserati, Guzzi and others.
'New Pantera' and 'New Vallelunga' could be viewed as the expressions of De Tomaso's will. They're two challenging plans which can fulfil enthusiasts' expectations when they're in the wheel, and, in once, to supply the opposition using a challenger who commands respect. As in a horse-race, there are lots of challenges to be got over, however, all of these may be easily crossed, thanks for the jockey's love for their own horse.
Although creation of new vehicles continued next date, de Tomaso went into liquidation in 2004. By 2008 a purchaser had been sought for the De Tomaso logos, according to the liquidators. The business was purchased by Gian Mario Rossignolo last year. A fresh business strategy for the firm called for creating three versions for a total of 8000 vehicles: 3000 crossovers, 3000 limousines, and 2000 twoseater sports cars.
In after their business model didn't collect adequate financial backing May 2012, De Tomaso was again available.
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