The front-engine dragster is a kind of racing-car purpose-built for drag racing. Now considered dated, the "railroad", "digger", or "slingshot" kind dragster is currently used largely in nostalgia drag racing. Designs range in duration from 160-225 in wheelbase. 
The front motor dragster came into being due to engines initially being situated within the auto's framework in front of the motorist. They didn't use any kind of suspension. Due to this, these kinds of vehicles were vulnerable to getting unstable at speed. This place resulted in a lot of motorists being maimed when devastating clutch failures occurred.
Launched using the beginning of organized drag racing, these were restricted by the access to grip out of their back tires or "slicks". Numerous dragsters with four back drive wheels were tried as well, including autos by Bill Coburn, Art Chrisman, and Eddie Hill.
He created the automobile whilst in hospital, himself afflicted by acute injuries brought on by an exploding clutch.
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