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Indian suppliers Tata Motors have rather the history under their belt, beginning with the organization's basis in 1945 for a locomotive maker. Tata Motors is merely one component of the industry group Tata, formerly referred to as TELCO (Locomotive Company and Tata Engineering), which likewise has other ventures, including a steel making plant as well as a tea producing business.
When it starting creating large trucks in a partnership with DaimlerBenz AG Tata experienced the company in 1954. So, in 1960. the first truck rolled away from the factory's door in Pune, India, a replica of the German Daimler truck. Tata beginning exporting heavyduty trucks but also for the local market, they needed to develop lighter versions due to the infrastructure of the nation. The initial LCV (Light Commercial Vehicle) version, the Tata 407, started production in 1986.
In the start of the 1990's, the firm sought to grow and evolve into the auto market, also it began a cooperation with Cummins Engine Organization to make better diesel engines. 
The Indica won people over with it is strong motor and reduced fuel consumption. It was so effective that Rover started promoting it in britain under the title of CityRover. 
Recently, Tata has made known its aggressiveness in regards to getting new brands and getting publicity.
Tata Motors' economic strength stems from the truth that its labour costs amount to only 9% of the gain, grounds which is why a number of other auto producers, including Volvo chose to transfer operations to India. One other significant variable in Tata's achievement is the reality the team retains several machine tools and steel creating plants, further reducing manufacturing costs.
In Addition, Tata has expressed their desire to develop an automobile made 100% from plastic, in an attempt to battle rising prices for steel manufacturing.
It appears that Tata Motors has got the recipe for success and just time will tell where this vehicle maker will head next.
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