new car tech

The cars on the road today have more lines of code than some jet fighters in use. There are up to 100 million lines of codes that control the electronic systems in your car. 

That sounds nuts, right? When buying a new car, there are a ton of options that all center around new car tech. 

How do you know what are must have and what can be skipped? We have the top tech features that are worth the money in those new 2019 models

1. Audio Streaming 

Don’t we all have our favorite streaming app for music or audiobooks? Long gone are the days of lugging that big CD book around. 

These days you could stream through your phone that connects via Bluetooth. But the problem with this is that you will use your phone to navigate the app. This is unsafe to do while driving. 

Instead, many vehicle’s infotainment systems now come equipped with the most popular audio streaming apps. Now you can log into your account and listen right through the car. 

If you are a music junkie, then look for apps like Amazon Music, Google Play, Apple Music, Spotify, or Pandora. If podcasts are more your thing, then there are apps like Pocket Casts and Stitcher.

2. Telematics 

In short, this is the system that monitors everything about the running of your vehicle. What’s even better, it monitors everything remotely. 

It uses a combination of technology including onboard sensors, onboard diagnostics, telecommunication, and GPS. Then a centralized management center collects all of the data. 

Everything about the running of your car can be monitored. This includes location, mpg, battery health, tire pressure, brakes, or even speed. 

The data can get used by your dealer to monitor the condition of your car. This way you can go in for servicing sooner if needed. 

It can also aid AAA to locate you faster in the event of an emergency. 

If this all sounds a bit creepy, just know this isn’t really new technology. It’s long been used by companies that do deliveries, towing or public transport. 

3. Hands-Free Call and Text 

To read or send one text, you take your eyes off the road for five seconds. Now if you’re driving 55 mph, that time away from the road is equivalent to driving down a whole football field with your eyes closed. 

I think we can all agree that this sound incredibly dangerous. Which is why many states have laws in place that make it ticket worthy to get caught driving while using your phone. 

But what do you do when you have an hour or more commute to work? It seems impossible to just put your phone down for that entire time. 

Hands-free technology allows you to continue to be accessible through calls and text without taking your attention away from the road. Just connect your phone, and when a text comes in, the car’s technology will read the text out loud to you.

Then you can dictate a response back. 


Your phone and car will connect through Bluetooth technology to make these features happen. But there aren’t the only things you can do through Bluetooth. 

You can also use it for audio playback, or data sharing, or controlling your infotainment system. 

4. Teen Driver Technology 

If you have teens at home, you know how nerve wracking it can be to watch them roll away in your car. You want to ensure that they follow the rules of the road, stay safe, and make you proud. 

New cars today take some of this anxiety away by coming equipped with teen driver limitation abilities. Your car can notify you if your teen drives over a specified speed. 

5. Safety Features 

How about lights on your side mirrors to let you know when someone is in your blind spot? No more double checking or accidentally missing someone when you go to switch lanes. 

A combination of radar and computers determine where your vehicle is in relation to others around you. This sort of technology also comes in the form or collision warnings and automatic braking. 

6. Self-Parking Technology 

Is parallel parking a way of life where you live? Is it a skill that you have just never mastered? Thanks to self-parking technology you no longer have to circle the block waiting for a nonparallel spot. 

Although it’s mainly in luxury cars, we can see it making its way through all models. For those who are not confident in their skills, it isn’t just a convenience; it’s a safety measure. 

7. Keyless Entry 

The key fob is way more powerful than those of the previous generation that featured three to four buttons. We are all familiar with the key fob that had a lock, unlock, trunk, and maybe a panic button. 

The key fobs of today automatically communicate with your car. So as you walk towards your vehicle, the car senses that the key fob is near and unlocks. You never have to take it out of your pocket or purse. 

Sure this doesn’t sound super impressive right now. Wait until the day you arrive with your arms full of stuff and no way to get your keys out of your pocket.

Then you’ll be thankful for that automatic unlock feature.

Which New Car Tech Is Right for You?

New car tech is all about making life easier and safer. Hopefully, this list will help point you in the right direction for what new technology is right for you and what ones you can skip. 

For instance, teen driver technology may be vital for someone with teens or children. But this technology is useless to someone who doesn’t have children. 

Hands-free call and text may be necessary for someone with a long commute to the office. But if you only drive 15 minutes, then it’s no big deal to put your phone down for a few minutes.  

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