Mechanic Shop

There’s no shortage of mechanics in the United States.

Over 770,000 of them are in employment around the country! That’s a whole lot of people being paid to check, service, and fix our beloved vehicles each day. Alas, not all of them are made equal.

Like any profession, some mechanics are better than others. Even worse, a few bad apples abuse their position- lying, cheating, and stealing their way to a bigger payday.

That’s bad news when you know nothing about car repairs! Any unscrupulous mechanic shop could take you for a ride without you even realizing it. They could sell you unnecessary parts or services, overcharge for the work, or, in worst-case scenarios, cause purposeful damage to your vehicle.

Needless to say, those kinds of eventualities are best-avoided. But how do you do it? How do you know if your auto mechanic is honest or not?

Want the answers to those questions? Keep reading!

You Understand Cars

People who have an understanding of cars are at an automatic advantage here. After all, their insight means they aren’t reliant on the mechanic’s expertise.

They already know what’s wrong with the vehicle and how to fix it. The result?

They can listen to the mechanic’s advice and realize if it’s fair or not! The chance of being tricked or overcharged disappears. They’ll see through any deceit, and know to take their custom elsewhere.

That’s why it pays to upskill yourself on cars before you search for a new mechanic shop. Read up on the basics and educate yourself on how cars work. With that newfound knowledge in mind, you can enter the repair shop with more confidence and a stronger position.

The Price Is Right

Untrustworthy mechanics are out for one thing and one thing only: money!

As we said before, these bad apples prey on peoples’ ignorance and do whatever it takes to earn more cash. One of the most common tricks in the book is to overcharge for car parts and services.

They might claim additional work was required, for instance, or bill you for more time than it really took to complete. In any case, your bank balance takes a bigger beating than it deserved.

Once again, educating yourself is the key to avoiding that fate.

Conduct some research into the average price of standard repairs before visiting the mechanic. You can then listen to their quotes and know if they’re trying to rip you off or not. By the same token, if the price falls within the range of what you were expecting, you know they can be trusted.

You’ve Tested the Waters

Picking a mechanic is a bit like choosing a new physician.

You want to know they’re good at their job before going to them with serious issues. That’s where testing the waters comes in. By seeing a mechanic (or the doctor) for a minor concern, you can make a better assessment of their overall capabilities.

Know that, imagine that you’ve taken your car into the mechanic for something simple, like an oil change. How did it go?

Were they fast? Was the process easy from start to finish? Were they helpful? Did they communicate clearly? Did the price seem reasonable compared to oil changes you’ve had before?

If you answered ‘yes’ to all of the above, then you’re onto a winner! With this good experience under your belt, you can feel more confident that this mechanic is honest, trustworthy, and the right person to handle future jobs.

The Garage Is Clean and Well-Maintained

We know, you should judge a book by its cover!

But it’s still worth considering the overall appearance of the mechanic shop and the state of cleanliness in which you find it. In some cases, this can provide a valuable clue to its level of trustworthiness.

Look at the level of dirt on show, the lighting in the shop, how the tools and equipment are stored, and the general level of organization.

A repair shop that’s clean, tidy, and well-kept is a good sign. It suggests a strong work ethic, an appreciation of the customer experience, and a reassuring level of professionalism. A dirty, ill-maintained repair shop can, on occasion, indicate the opposite.

Be aware that it’s all relative though. The nature of running a car repair shop means it’s never going to be spotless. Keep that in mind when making your judgments.

Your Loved Ones Recommend Them

One of the best ways to know that a mechanic is trustworthy is when they’re recommended by others. After all, it doesn’t take long for word to spread! Dissatisfied customers are quick to let others know about their bad experience.

That’s why online reviews are so useful. If they’re full of positive feedback, then you can go to the repair shop in greater confidence. However, it’s even better when a close friend or family member recommends a mechanic, such as, to you.

For one thing, you know you can trust these guys! They’re never going to suggest a shop that might rip you off.

Furthermore, unlike online reviews, you hear that positive feedback straight from the horse’s mouth. You can ask about the experience, get an authentic response, and make your decision accordingly.

Time to Find an Honest Mechanic Shop

Hundreds of thousands of mechanics work up and down America. And the vast majority of them are honest, hard-working people just doing their job. Unfortunately, a few rabble-rousers give the industry a bad name!

Knowing there are mechanics who’ll try to take you for a ride, diligence is important if you’re going to find an honest one. We hope the suggestions in this post will help in that regard! Keep them in mind and you’ll be taking your vehicle to a trustworthy mechanic shop in no time.

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