Hydraulic Press

If you’ve just figured out that your employer is getting a hydraulic press for your line of work, you are probably wondering what it is and how it works.

So, how does a hydraulic press work? Continue reading to learn all about it.

What Is a Hydraulic Press?

A hydraulic press is a machine that’s used in the industrial business, from crushing, molding, and straightening out metal. It works based on the principle of Pascal’s law

How Does a Hydraulic Press Work?

The two pistons in a hydraulic press work together. Using water displacement, the first cylinder piston presses into the water. The displaced water then acts as a driving force for the second cylinder piston.

The small amount of pressure put on the first cylinder is enough to move the second cylinder which will use 10 times more power than the first. Even a small amount of force into the first cylinder gives the second cylinder enough force to crush a car.

Hydraulic presses can handle a load capacity anywhere from 8 to 40 tons. 

What Can a Hydraulic Press Do?

Hydraulic presses are versatile in what they’re used for. You’d be surprised to learn what they can actually do.


In the production aspect, hydraulic presses are used to make car parts or electrical components. The press will get fitted with a mold for a specific structure for the material. The metal that is used will form into the structure that is needed.

Hydraulic presses are even used in the blacksmith industry. They can deliver the slow, but deliberate hit that is sometimes needed when working with metals.


While a hydraulic press is generally used for creating products, it can also be used to flatten or crush metal and make it into a smaller object.

It is the process used for crushing junk cars to make space in the junkyard. It is also useful in crushing smaller materials, like the powders found in food and cosmetics. 

Stay Safe While Operating a Hydraulic Press

It’s important to be aware of your surroundings at all times when it comes to operating a hydraulic press. Never take your eyes off of the machine while it’s turned on.

Mind your arms, hands, and fingers. Really any part body part that extends from the body. 

Roughly half of the hydraulic press accidents result in amputation of the affected limb. Once you understand how a hydraulic press works, you need to understand hydraulic press safety.

Now You’re In the Know

So, how does a hydraulic press work? It uses water to move pressure plates that slide together to flatten or crush something. Thus creating something such as car parts or crushing cars in a junkyard.

Hydraulic presses are also used to create products such as car parts or electric components. They can be very dangerous if not used properly.

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