Car for House Moving

Are you moving to a new state and need to figure out the logistics? Are you unsure of what you’re going to do with your car? If so, then you need to make sure that your car is ready to move with you.

There is a particular checklist that you should go through to ensure the car is prepared for the big move ahead. You want to trust that it’s organized, maintained, and rearing to go.

See below for several specifics on how to get your car ready to move. Make sure to think through every item on this list before you go.

1. Don’t Overpack Your Car

Some of you might be driving the car to your new city and state. Others of you are having it transported to that location. If you’re in the former category, then you might consider stuffing your car with as much stuff as possible.

However, overpacking your car can be dangerous. If items are packed too high, they can inhibit your vision while driving. They can cause more blind spots and lead to an accident, which is the last thing you want in the middle of a move.

Instead, use this rule of thumb: only pack your car with the invaluable items. Things you can’t afford to have broken, stolen, or lost in the moving truck.

Visit to seal up a moving truck for all your other belongings. If you’re breaking up the trip into several days, then be sure to pack additional clothes and toiletries for the hotel you’re stopping at in between.

2. Get Your Car Serviced

No matter how near or far your new town/city is from your current location, you want to make sure your car is in tip-top shape.

A few weeks before the move, be sure to take your car in and have it inspected by auto service. While it’s there, make sure they change the oil and rotate your tires. This will ensure that your car is in the best condition to haul you and your invaluable items around.

If there is more than one car making the trip (such as you and your spouse driving separate cars), then make sure all cars are serviced. 

If the professional alerts you to any pressing matters in your car, you can decide what to do with it next. If it’s a costly fix, then you might consider transporting the car or selling it before the move, depending on the situation.

Before you head out, make sure to check the car’s tire pressure, air filter, brake fluid, battery power, and gas tank.

3. Budget for the Road Ahead

If there’s one thing that people don’t do enough of during the moving process, it’s budgeting for the entire process. 

Some people budget for professional movers. Others budget for moving expenses such as moving boxes, dollies, and so forth. But almost no one budgets for the move itself.

You shouldn’t just hop in your car and shrug off the gas prices that you’ll have to pay. What if you get in a situation where your card stops working?

Instead, take the time to map out your destination and check the distance. You can do some simple math to figure out how many times you should expect to stop for gas. This is also beneficial for families with young kids in the car so you can time out restroom breaks.

If the trip is 8 or more hours long, you’ll also want to budget for snacks and meals while you’re on the road. Remember, stop while you see food and gas available. You never know what the next exit looks like.

4. Pack Appropriately

Some of you out there are gifted with packing a car. Others of you feel like it’s a Tetris puzzle that can’t be solved.

There are a few important things to remember when packing the car. First, you’ll want to grab all of the heaviest items and stick them into the bottom of the trunk, seat, or floor of your car. This will prevent them from damaging smaller items while in transit.

Next, you’ll want to condense as many boxes as possible. Stack them like bricks, going side to side before you start piling up. Pack all of your bags last, as they can conform to the space that you have left. 

5. Always Pack the Right Supplies

It doesn’t matter how long the trip is, you want to make sure you’re prepared for almost any situation.

Make sure your car has all the essential items: a first aid kit, a blanket, jumper cables, an umbrella, and extra pairs of clothes.

Double-check to make sure your phone is completely charged before taking off, and always have at least one phone charger in the car with you at all times.

For those of you packing items on the roof of your car, make sure to tie it down with heavy-duty rope and bungee cords. Keep a few straps inside the car just in case you notice one of the cords starting to fail while you’re midway through the trip.

Now Your Car Is Ready to Move

Now that you’ve seen all the different steps and techniques to take when getting your car ready to move for the big road trip, be sure to use these tips well.

First, start by planning out your trip. How long is the distance from your current location to the new city? How many stops will you need to make? Budget the gas before anything else.

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