Door Security

Studies show that most burglaries occur at night or on weekends when there are fewer people in the office or retail location. 

Are your current security strategies up-to-date with the growing technology? What efforts are you making to improve security for your building? Where are the weakest points within your system?

These are important questions to consider when you are analyzing how to secure your building from potential threats. 

Keep reading to learn more tips on how to keep your building secure: 

1. Cameras

While cameras may not serve to stop a crime in progress, they will be integral in any kind of investigation following a break-in. The law enforcement officials will scour the footage in order to narrow down a suspect. 

Installing cameras on the interior and exterior of the office premises and having a few security personnel that monitor them could stop a potential crime as it is happening. While the cameras and security guards will cost your business, it can save you from losing money and other important data during a break-in.

2. Lights

Have you ever wondered why an office building has lights on at night? Or why a parking lot is fully illuminated at 3:00 in the morning? 

Lights can serve to deter potential danger and help the security cameras pick up more details should something go wrong. Investing in LED parking lot lighting can help save on your electric bill while keeping your office and the area around it brightly lit all night long. 

3. Credentials to Keep Your Building Secure

Does your business require an ID or key card to enter the building? Is there a guest entrance? 

Requiring credentials for employees and a guest pass for visitors will help you keep track of who comes in and out of the building during a given day. If an employee loses their credential, it is important that they report it and it is deactivated so that it does not end up in the wrong hands.

4. Training

Everyone should be on the same page within your company when it comes to security. No one wants to see all their hard work thrown out the window, so they should be an active part of your security measures. Training on what to do with a potential intruder or how they enter and exit the building so that everyone is educated can help your business stay safer in the long run. 

5. Don’t Forget the Interior

While the main focus of most security strategies is focusing on outside threats, crime happens in areas that you least expect. Employees have access to sensitive business information and could be a threat to steal money, data, etc. without being suspected of the crime. 

Keeping track of how they use their credentials to access different areas throughout the day will help you see if anyone is doing something uncharacteristic. Denying access to certain areas of the building for employees could help with this measure. 

Get Started Today

Every day, new security strategies and technology are being invented. This article shared important steps that you can take to elevate your security efforts to the next level. Keeping your building secure and up to date by implementing the best measures benefits everyone – from your clients to your employees.  

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