buying a golf cart

Are you in the market for a golf cart? Wondering whether to go with gas or electric? New, used, or refurbished? Questioning what add-ons you need and whether you can you trust your seller?

If you can’t answer these questions, don’t worry. We can.

The guide below has everything you need to consider when buying a golf cart. Find the perfect cart for you with these tips.

1. Gas or Electric?

Before you even start looking, figure out if you’re going with gas or electric. Most importantly, will you be able to charge it? For some, finding a spot to plug into may be difficult or impossible.

Second, is the cart to be in constant use? Electric carts need 12 hours to charge. If you don’t have a place to charge or the time to fully charge it, go with gas.

If it is feasible to use an electric cart, though, you should do it. They break down less, cost less to run, and pollute less.

2. Buying a New Golf Cart

Here are the best things to consider when buying a new golf cart.


When buying a new golf cart, the smartest choice you can make is to get one with a good warranty. This is pretty much the entire reason to buy new. 

After all, any golf cart you buy might break a couple of months after you purchase it and typically, only new carts are covered by a warranty.


Buying a new golf cart is not like buying a new car. That is, most of the time, it’s not worth it to get add-ons for your car.

Most car add-ons are merely cosmetic and don’t make much of a difference to the vehicle’s function. The reason why is that we all buy cars for pretty much the same reason: transportation.

On the other hand, golf carts are a far more optional vehicle. So the reasons to buy a golf cart are far more varied and specific.

Seatbelts, hitches, cargo beds, mirrors, radios, roofs—unlike with cars and trucks, these aren’t standard features for golf carts. If you’re buying new, now’s your chance to customize yourself the perfect cart. This is especially important because your new golf cart is likely to last a very long time.


This should go without saying, but don’t get bamboozled. Be sure to shop around before settling on the first price tag you see. Keep in mind that a cart’s base price may be the same at different dealers, but add-ons may be very differently priced.

3. Buying a Used or Refurbished Golf Cart

Here’s what to consider when buying used, and some very good reasons why it may be the better option.


The number one reason golf cart buyers buy used or refurbished carts is that it’s cheaper. Then again, maybe it’s not.

Again, always compare prices. If you don’t you may pay a new cart price for an old cart. However, the more likely scenario is that you’ll get a decent cart in great condition for a fraction of the new cart’s price.

Pre-Customized For You

As we said, golf cart buyers are very specific in their needs. So, the good news is, there have surely been hundreds of buyers before you with the same golf cart needs you have. That means there’s bound to be a used cart out there that’s customized exactly the way you want it.

The bad news is, it might be hard to find. If you want a perfectly customized cart, you may have to buy the add-ons separately and put them in yourself.

Confirm the Cart’s History/Condition

Your seller should have a documented history of the vehicle’s accidents and problems and any work that’s been done on it. If the seller is reluctant to share this information, you should probably walk away.

Also, don’t take the seller’s word for it anyway. Test drive it for yourself.

Lastly, know that difference between “used” and “refurbished” may very well be almost nothing. A used cart with fresh paint and tires can be called refurbished. Meanwhile, the more important parts, like the battery, motor, and other electrical components, may be on their last legs.

Before you buy refurbished, find out from the seller exactly what that entails.

What To Look For When Buying a Golf Cart

So which type of cart is best for you? New or used? Gas or electric?

What features do you need? With this guide, you now know the answers to help you find the perfect one.

So follow these tips when buying a golf cart.

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