Car Maintenance

The average cost of getting your car repaired at a garage is between $500 and $600. 

This is an expense many people couldn’t afford whether it was unexpected or not; and most of us rely on our cars for essential travel. 

But don’t worry, if you know how to maintain your car, you can avoid many common problems that might have meant a costly trip to the garage. These are our five tips and tricks for maintaining your car.

How To Maintain Your Car

From checking the oil to pumping up your tires, there are tons of easy things you can do to maintain your car the right way. You don’t need any special skills or tools and if done regularly it shouldn’t take long. 

You can even change the way you drive to help keep your car in tip-top shape. 

1. Check Your Tires

Your tires are what keep you and your car on the road, so you need to take care of them. Without the right amount of tread, they will lose grip which can be especially dangerous in wet or icy situations. 

Cracks and punctures can cause types to slowly deflate or even pop whilst your driving; which could lead to you losing control and having an accident. 

Be sure to regularly check your tires for wear and tear, avoid debris on the road and change them if they become bald or damaged.

You should also know the correct tire pressure for you’re vehicle and check that your tires are at the correct pressure, especially before long journeys. You can then inflate or deflate the types as necessary. 

2. Check The Oil

Oil running dry can ruin your engine. Use a dipstick to check your oil levels regularly and check your car manual to find out the oil you need to top up with. You should also learn how to remove excess oil and dispose of it properly.

3. Keep It Clean

Keeping your car clean will prevent salts and chemicals from things like bird droppings from damaging the paint, which helps prevent rust. 

You should also keep the inside clean and tidy to prevent damage to the seats and other interior parts that can be costly to repair or replace.

If you have kids that like to fling their feet around in the back, there are products like this seat protector that not only keep the backs of your seats clean but act as an entertainment center for your passengers too. 

4. Avoid Potholes

Avoiding potholes and other imperfections in the road sounds obvious but it stops the car from encountering too many bumps and shakes that could lead to damage. If a pothole is deep enough it can hit the underside of your car or damage your tires. 


5. Replace The Wipers

Our final car maintenance tip is to check and replace your wiper often. Tired or damaged blades will prevent the windshield from clearing properly and reduce visibility. 

Drive With Confidence

Now you know how to maintain your car you can drive it with confidence! Find more great tips and articles about your car on our website, including how to sell your car, what to look out for when making a purchase and the top tech for inside your ride.