Pocketfleet Diagnostics

Do you work as a first responder, commercial truck driver, or in agriculture? Does your automobile, boat, or truck have a diesel engine? Are you prepared to deal with breakdowns when you’re out on the road or water?

The Pocketfleet Diagnostics kit provides information about vehicle computer problems. It also gives you a guide to fix the problem. Keep reading to learn more about this kit.

All About the Pocketfleet Diagnostics

The universal software program, PF-Diagnose, can interface with many different vehicles. This includes automobiles, earth moving equipment, any truck, trailer, or marine engine.

It’s able to read OEM flash codes and SAE diagnostic codes. The live data gives immediate feedback provided as reports, graphs.

This software looks at every computer located in a vehicle. This includes ABS, body controllers, diesel, gas, transmissions, and more.

The Universal Diesel Truck Diagnostic Tool Scanner Laptop Kit

This universal laptop kit is available from Davidsheavyduty.com. It provides the diagnostic scanner you need for most diesel diagnostic issues.

You won’t need a hardwire connection. It links virtually to all commercial trucks. You’ll be able to read every diagnostic code and find the repair information you need.

Panasonic Toughbook CF-31 Laptop

This kit includes the Panasonic Toughbook CF-31. This rugged laptop has the ability to withstand drops from large heights. It’s completely waterproof and will survive direct water jet hits. Commercial truckers and first responders will appreciate this toughness.

The manufacturers included extra protection for sensitive hardware. It also has a shock-mounted hard drive to prevent damage or failure.

So, What Can You Do with the Pocketfleet Diagnostic Kit?

The tasks that you can complete with the PF diesel diagnostic software seem endless. Here is a partial list of activities you can perform:

  • Remove inactive codes
  • Look at “live” data such as coolant temperature, oil pressure, and the status of on/off switches
  • Look at the engine, transmission, DPF system, and other active and inactive codes
  • Print diagnostic trouble codes, engine data, real-time parameters, and more
  • Oversee live data from a variety of computer systems in the vehicle
  • For models using only OBD-II, you can force live regen’s
  • Check engine data including engine hours, miles driven, fuel usage, VIN numbers, and more
  • Convert over 50,000 MID/PID/FMI codes to OEM codes for models up to 2016

This software also interfaces with international engines. It’s able to complete Key On Engine Off Standard and Injector tests.

Heavy Vehicles and Automobiles

You can use this software with heavy-duty vehicles and automobiles. It works with Eaton and Allison – Generation 3 and newer series transmissions. If you work in construction or agriculture, It covers the following brands:

  • Carleston
  • CASE
  • CAT construction equipment using J1708/J1939 protocols
  • John Deere construction and agriculture equipment
  • Trackless
  • Volvo construction equipment

The following provides a brief list of engines and trucks you can use this PF diesel with:

  • CAT engines only on the highway
  • All Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Mack, PACCAR, MBE900 & MBE4000, and Volvo engines
  • Dodge Trucks that have Cummins engines
  • Ford F-Series Diesel
  • 2012 and newer Hino
  • Isuzu-N-Series Trucks
  • 2012 and newer Mitsubishi Fuso

It’s also able to interface with MaxxForce and pre-MaxxForce international.

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