Cheap Car Upgrades

In the U.S, young car enthusiasts spend a staggering $7.2 billion a year customizing vehicles.  

There’s no better way to personalize your car than by investing in upgrades so you and passengers have a comfortable ride. Perhaps you’re overwhelmed by the number of cheap car upgrades available and are looking for inspiration.

Sounds like you? Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 10 to sway you.

1. Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone 

One of the best car upgrades is installing a Bluetooth speakerphone. Connect your phone so you can receive calls hands-free while driving and listen to your favorite tunes. When browsing products, find a model that has virtual surround sound, an FM transmitter, and dual-mic noise cancellation so you can enjoy an immersive experience. 

It’s also important that the Bluetooth speakerphone automatically turns on when you enter and off when you leave so it doesn’t drain your battery.

2. Seat Covers

If you’re looking for car interior upgrades, treat yourself to a set of funky seat covers. Giving your current seats a professional makeover is expensive so it’s easier to get covers as there is a huge selection of designs available.

Seat covers also protect your vehicle’s original upholstery from harmful UV rays that beat through the windows. A bonus is when you protect your car’s interior then you can get a better resale price if you intend to sell.

3. Smart Car Charger 

On average, Americans spend around 10 hours and 50 minutes per week in their vehicles.

Whether it’s a commute to work or visiting friends cross-country, it’s wise to get a smart car charger so your phone’s battery is always charged. The beauty of a smart charger is it pinpoints your location on a map so you’re never lost. 

Many chargers also save your parking location which is a life-saver in a crowded parking lot.

4. Back-Up Camera 

If you’re looking for car performance upgrades then consider a backup camera. This safety feature lets you see what or who is behind you to avoid accidents. A backup camera is fantastic for newbies who are struggling with parallel parking or nervous drivers as it reassures them they’re doing great. 

A bonus is many back up camera don’t have to be added to your car’s electrical system. Many integrate with your smartphone via Bluetooth so you can monitor the live footage on your phone’s screen instead of fiddling with electrical wires.

5. Color Changing Car Wrap 

Color changing car wraps are a game-changer because it’s an affordable way to upgrade your vehicle’s look. Plus, it’s not permanent so you can always change it back to its original aesthetic if you want to. 

Car wraps also elevate cars with a faded paint job so they feel new again. You’ll be spoiled with the array of colors and designs while protecting your car from UV rays, scratches, and animal droppings.

6. Window Tints 

One of the most popular car upgrades is window tinting.

Not only does it look sleek but tints block UV light, reduce the heat, and increase security as thieves can’t spot valuables that may have accidentally been left behind. Plus, many window tints are shatterproof so if debris hits it or someone throws a rock against it to break in then the film keeps your window intact. 

There are window tints to fit with every budget but you must consider your state’s legal requirements as many don’t allow windshields to be tinted. Further, they must be within a certain percentage (or thickness).

7. Mini Fridge Electric Cooler 

No road trip is complete without a mini-fridge cooling your favorite beverages and snacks. It’s especially useful if your family is going on a camping trip as you can charge it via the mains, USB, and cigarette lighter. Plus, many mini-fridges are silent so you won’t be annoyed by a consistent buzzing sound.

Another useful addition is getting a car air purifier to freshen up your vehicle and eliminate any odors, a life-saver if you’ve got pets.

8. Rim Protection 

One of the most important car upgrade parts is to get rim protectors. This will protect the wheel from curb damage as it takes most of the impact including knocks and scrapes. As a result, you save a fortune on maintenance costs and you can customize your vehicle so the rims match the vehicle’s paintwork.

9. Massage Cushion 

A fantastic way to ride in luxury is treating yourself to a massage cushion. Simply attach it to the seat and relax while the heated cushion soothes your tight and tired muscles. Most models let you adjust the position and intensity to suit your preference.

10. GPS

GPS trackers are a must-have for drivers. This will connect with your smartphone, on and offline, so you know exactly where you are, perfect if you love traveling to new cities. Many parents rely on GPS trackers to monitor their teenager’s whereabouts but it’s also good in emergencies. For instance, if someone tries to steal your car then it’ll inform the car owner of the thief’s location.

Those Are the Top Cheap Car Upgrades

Hopefully, after reading this post, you now have a list of cheap car upgrades to check out. 

Preserve your vehicle by investing in color-changing car wraps, window tints, and seat covers so you can get a great resale price. You should also make the drive more comfortable by installing a GPS, Bluetooth speakerphone, and a backup camera so you avoid potential accidents. Happy shopping!

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