Frame Damage on a Car

The frame of a car provides structure and support for the body of the car. So, when the frame becomes damaged it can be a big problem. Sometimes the frame damage is obvious, like when you are in a collision. But other times the damage is more subtle. 

So, what are the signs of car frame damage and how can you fix it? Keep reading to find out!

Parts of the Car Frames

Most cars have a unibody frame, meaning the major parts of the vehicle make up a single, consolidated structure. 

The parts of a car frame include unirail, core support, strut tower, floor plan, firewall, quarter and rocker panel, and rear support. Damage to any of these pieces is considered damage to the frame of the car.

Car Frame Damage

In a car collision, you can typically see the effects of car frame damage. Dents, scratches, or missing parts to the outside of the vehicle signal car damage. 

Sometimes, visible damage to the car frame does not affect your ability to drive it. However, there could be damage below the surface that you aren’t seeing.

If you cannot see damage to the frame you can still look for specific signs of car frame damage. For example, if the car steering alignment feels off or the wheels aren’t tracking correctly it could be car frame damage.

Other signs include uneven wear on tires or suspension and unusual noises (scraping, screeching, etc.) 

If your car is not driving normally, consider taking it to an expert for more information.

Fixing Car Frame Damage

If you believe your car has frame damage as a result of a collision, visit a CSI collision specialist for the most accurate diagnosis and repairs.

Most car frame damage reported can be fixed by repairing or replacing parts of the frame. 

For minor damage and aesthetic damage, a technician may be able to repair parts with paint and buffing. This is significantly less expensive than other forms of repair.

If the car requires serious repairs involving reshaping the frame, it can get very expensive. Similarly, replacing parts of the frame going to be an expensive trip to the autobody shop.

If you can see or you suspect frame damage, it’s best to take your car in right away. Driving a car with a damaged frame could affect the way the car drives and therefore your safety.

Know Your Car Frame

You don’t have to be a car expert to figure out that you may have car frame damage. When your car drives differently or the tires or suspension wear differently, you can suspect car frame damage is the culprit.

Always seek help from an experienced technician to assess and fix the problem. There could be damage below the surface that you can’t see and that affects the car’s safety.

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