Window Tinting

Have you always dreamed of tinting the windows on your car? Do you want to make your car’s exterior even more awesome with car window tinting? You might be surprised to learn that there are way more benefits of window tinting than just aesthetics—although that’s definitely one of them.

We want to help you learn about the different advantages that window tinting can offer you and your car. It’s mutually beneficial! It can enhance the safety of the car, the temperature in the car, and so much more. 

See below for several benefits that you will receive when getting tinted windows installed in your car!

1. Enhanced Privacy 

Most drivers hate the fact that others can see inside their vehicle. If they can see inside, then they can also see different items that might be worth stealing. 

Not only that, but some people want more privacy as they drive. They don’t want people to see inside their car as they drive past. You want a way to sing your heart out to “Party in the USA” without people judging you, we get it!

Installing tinted car windows can greatly increase the privacy in your vehicle. You’ll be able to see them from inside your car, but they won’t be able to see you. You can have more peace of mind while you drive and that is a beautiful thing.

2. Controlled Climate

We all know the struggles of climbing into a car in the middle of the summer. All it takes is a few minutes under the scorching-hot sun to create a car cabin that’s over 100-degrees.

In fact, studies show that UV rays can cause the cabin in a car to reach up to 195 degrees Fahrenheit… Yowza!

Fortunately, tinted car windows can dramatically reduce this problem. The window film is used to reflect harmful UV rays away from the inside of your car. The fewer UV rays inside, the less the heat festers.

Now, you can step into your car without worrying about burning your legs. It can also help you during your car search. If you’re planning on installing tinted windows right away, you can purchase that car with black leather seats without a worry!

3. Awesome Aesthetic

Would this be a legitimate article on the benefits of window tinting if we didn’t mention the exterior advantages of tinted windows? 

There’s no denying that tinted windows improve the look of your vehicle. So much so that they’re actually viewed as a way of getting a higher return on your car when you go to sell it. Your car will be seen as more valuable than others with its same make, model, year, etc.

Maybe you’re looking to create a car that’s completely murdered out. Perhaps you have a white car body with all of the other details being black. Whatever the case might be, look into the cost to tint car windows and set yourself up for an installation today.

4. More Safety

Unfortunately, car burglars aren’t considerate. Let us explain: car burglars have no shame in breaking your windows if it means grabbing the iPhone, headphones, or wallet, that they see laying inside of it. 

Tinted windows don’t just increase the privacy of your car, they also increase the strength of your car’s windows. Since the window film is applied inside and outside, it acts as extra support for the glass window.

While the window might crack, it won’t shatter. That pesky car burglar could take a bat to the window and still not break through the surface. They’ll be so freaked out that they’ll run away before they can grab anything inside. That’ll teach them!

5. Protection for Your Upholstery

God bless car upholstery. It might have one of the toughest jobs of your entire vehicle. While its one job is to look good, it has to put up with intense heat and harmful UV rays.

Years and years of exposure to the sun without any protection will wear down the upholstery in your car, no matter what material it’s made of. 

With auto window tinting, however, you can provide your upholstery with more protection. As we’ve already mentioned, the window film does a spectacular job of reflecting UV rays away from the cabin, thus preventing wear and tear on the fabric in your car.

This plays a significant role in how much you’ll get for your car down the line. Tinted windows will help your upholstery keep its youthful aesthetics to enhance your return years from now.

6. Significant UV Blockage

We know, we know. We’ve mentioned this a few times already. But we want to wrap up this article with an eye-opening statistic. That way, you’ll understand how much UV protection tinted windows provide your car.

It’s been proven that tinted windows can block as much as 99-percent of the UV rays that try to make their way into your cabin space. 

Granted, that depends on the brand of window film you invest in. Make sure that you’re investing in a trusted brand, such as LLumar, to ensure that you’re getting the highest return on your investment possible.

Unlock the Benefits of Window Tinting for Your Car Today

Now that you have seen a detailed list of the different benefits of window tinting, what are you waiting for? It’s time to install them on your vehicle today.

Again, make sure you focus on investing in LLumar products, or another trusted brand. Otherwise, the results may vary and you won’t get the durability that you seek.

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