Signs of Brake Problems

In the last ten years, the average length of vehicle ownership for used and new cars has increased by 60%. When you take care of your car, you can keep it up and running for longer. One of the most important things to take care of in your car is the brakes.

If you don’t regularly get your brakes serviced, you’ll run into problems more often. Read on to learn about common brake problems you should stay aware of.

Odd Noises

You may have brake problems if you are hearing unusual noises like squealing or grinding. This is generally the first sign that your brake system has an issue.

If you are hearing a loud screeching noise when the car is in motion, your brake pads are worn out. The sound occurs when the brake pad wear indicator taps the rotor.

Brakes that have not been serviced for a while will start to make a grinding noise. This is also another symptom meaning your pads need a brake repair. A rotor is expensive to repair so it is essential to replace brake pads as soon as you hear an issue.

Soft Brake Pedal

Another one of the most common brake problems is having mushy brake pads. If you brake and notice your pedals feeling softer than usual, it is best to immediately stop driving. A change in the resistance of the brakes can lead to a fatal collision.

This tends to happen because of a leaky braking system occurring from the master cylinder. This area contains brake fluid that fuels brakes.

Shaky Steering Wheel

Common issues with brakes include having a shaky steering wheel. This can happen when the rotor gets jagged. Over time, rotors can deal with wear and tear that needed attention.

When the rotor is inconsistent, it feels like your wheel is vibrating. Troubleshooting brake problems like this is easier than other issues you may have with your brakes. To stop the vibrations, you need to level the surface of the rotor.

Even though it is a simple fix, it is recommended to complete this at a professional auto shop. You can schedule an appointment at for help with diagnostics.

Car Pulling to One Side

One of the most common signs of brake problems is a vehicle pulling to one side. Like other brake problems, this issue is dangerous. When you come across this while driving, get the problem solved immediately.

If your car is pulling to one side, you could have a defective caliper. Although this is the most common reason, other factors go into the issue.

A caliper that is stalled may not be noticeable for a long time. It is usually defective because of rust or corrosion. To get this problem solved, the caliper needs to get replaced.

Deal With Brake Problems Right Away

Getting your brakes serviced regularly is essential because your system is susceptible to wear and tear. If you experience any of these common brake problems, you must take your car into an auto shop as soon as possible. The braking system is essential for your safety and should be handled by professionals even if the issue requires an easy fix.

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