Chauffeur vs Driver

The presence of ridesharing apps has led a lot of people to not quite understand more traditional driving services. Many people have heard of chauffeur’s services and private driver services, but how many people truly know the difference? 

If you’ve found yourself asking — what’s the difference between a chauffeur vs. a private driver — you’ve come to the right place. This article will walk you through all you need to know about the chauffeur vs. driver question. 

Chauffeur vs. Driver 

The name of the title should tip you off to the biggest difference between a driver and a chauffeur. A driver has one job and one job only — to drive. They get you from point A to point B as quickly as possible. 

You can find “drivers” driving taxis, uber, and busses. It’s usually in their best interest to keep things quick and cold. 

But that’s not all. 

There’s also a difference between a chauffeur vs. a private driver. While a private driver performs a more personalized service — they’re only driving you — they’re still dedicated mainly to driving the car. 

A chauffeur, on the other hand, focuses on the complete driving experience. They carry your luggage if they need to, open the door for you, and assist you into the car. 

A chauffeur is generally trained in a sense of elegance, grace, politeness, and discretion. Essentially, think of the difference between a waiter at your local diner, and a butler. 

Chauffeur vs. Private Driver: Pros and Cons

The main pros of private drivers are much the same as their cons. A private driver will most likely come at a lower price, but that’s because their service is much less specialized. 

Anyone with a good driving record can become a private driver. You’ll get someone who drives well — they won’t be crashing you or anything — but you won’t get specialized service. 

A chauffeur’s only con is that they cost more. The pros are boundless because a chauffer’s job is more than just the job of a driver — it’s a customer service job. 

Just like a good butler, a chauffeur will get to know the taste of their client. They’ll pick the correct music for the correct mood, put up decorations for certain times of the year, or perhaps even get their client the cup of coffee they know they’ll want. 

Chauffers not only have training in driving, but they undergo specific training to learn security awareness, driver etiquette, limousine training, and geography of cities. This means that your chauffeur will provide you top-quality service, even if you’re going somewhere you don’t normally go in a different car. 

Ride service DMC Limousines has published a wonderful article, “All About Airport Chauffeurs: Your Airport Chauffeur Guide”, where you can learn all about airport chauffeurs. 

Hire Yourself A Driver

While ridesharing has made drivers extremely popular, there’s nothing like the experience of riding with a chauffeur. Now you know the chauffer vs driver distinction. 

If you have some extra cash, consider hiring yourself a chauffeur. 

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