Parking Illegally

You may have succeeding one or twice in getting away from illegal parking. Yet, until when will luck save you?

There are many risks of parking illegally, including getting fined and suspension of license. It’s time to stop parking anywhere you want! Read on to find out why you should stop parking illegally.

Illegal Parking

Illegal parking comes in many forms, and the most common type is double parking. Here are a few of the parking violations you need to be aware of as a vehicle owner so that you’ll know what to do and what not to do:

  • Parking and blocking a driveway, garage entrance, or fire hydrant
  • Parking within or close to crosswalks, intersection, or railroad crossing
  • Parking at a parking meter longer than the time you paid
  • Parking in a disabled parking zone
  • Parking less than 30 feet of a stop sign

You’ll likely suffer from paying parking tickets, losing your license, and more if you continue to park illegally. Let’s discuss more in the sections below.

Pay for Parking Ticket Fines

Did you know that parking tickets illegally bring millions to governments? Cambridge alone rakes up $10 million on parking violation tickets yearly. Meanwhile, New York gained $993 million in parking violation fines.

State law dictates that vehicle owners caught illegally parking will receive a parking ticket and pay a fine. The fine varies depending on the state and city.

You’ll pay a $110 fine will when you’re caught blocking a charging bay. On the other hand, you’ll need to pay an $83 fee when you park in loading zones.

Fines for parking on disabled parking spots are also higher. For instance, state law in California states that you’ll pay a fine of $250 to $500 for parking violations. If you’re in San Francisco, expect to pay a $935 fine.

Possible License Suspension

States like Chicago have firm laws on illegal parking, especially when offenders parked at a disabled parking spot. In Windy City alone, offenders need to pay a $500 to $1000 fine.

Furthermore, expect a suspended driver’s license for as long as 30 days to 1 year. By your third offense, your license will officially get revoked.

Endanger Your Vehicle

One of the risks of parking illegally is that you’re endangering your vehicle. When you park on private property, the owner might get mad and damage your vehicle, leading to expensive repairs. 

Illegal Parking can also result in vandalism, especially when you park in areas with no surveillance. If you illegally park beside roads, the chances of your vehicle getting scratched are high.

Towed Car

We’re sure you’ve heard of people whose car was towed, right? This too can happen to you, especially when you park on private properties without permission.

You’ll have to pay a visit to a towing company, which can take most of your time and cost you a lot of cash. Further, if you accumulate a lot of parking tickets, police officers can boot your vehicle so you can’t drive.

Illegal Parking Can Cause Accidents

Illegal parking can lead to a reduction in traffic speed. It also causes crowding, which could increase the risk of a car collision. Furthermore, it also results in loss of income for the businesses centered at parking spaces.

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Beep! You have to be more careful about your time and where you park to avoid getting fined. Parking illegally is not the best route, even when you’re rushing to head somewhere. 

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