electric car

Over 800,000 electric vehicles are on the road in the United States. As awareness surrounding electric vehicles continues to grow, so do rates of adoption.

Since you’re reading this post, we’re guessing that you’re trying to pull together information on what all of the electric vehicle fuss is about. Specifically, you want to know what makes electric cars so much better than their gas-guzzling counterparts.

As it turns out, there are a number of electric car benefits that traditional vehicles can’t compete with. Here are our 5 favorite ones!

1. You’ll Save a Boatload on Fuel

How much do you spend on fuel in a year? If you’re like the average American, you spend just under $2000.00. With an electric vehicle, you’ll spend under $500.00.

That massive savings is more than enough of a reason to go electric.

2. Tax Credits Could Offset Your Buy-In

You’re not the only one that wants you to go electric. The government wants to see you ditch fuel cars as well!

To entice you to switch, many states offer tax credits to individuals that buy electric cars. Some of these credits have caps on how many people can claim them so be sure to look into what’s still available.

3. Batteries Beat Combustion

When you’re in a head-on collision, you’ve got hundreds of pounds of steel, hot oil and fire that are going to get crushed right in front of you. That’s a recipe for disaster.

When you’re in a head-on collision in an electric car, all you have in front of you is some reinforced storage space.

Electric cars are powered by batteries that are housed efficiently underneath your vehicle. As organizations like this company continue to pioneer new battery technologies, electric car batteries will continue to get more efficient and safe.

4. You Can Fuel Up at Home

One of the best electric car benefits that a lot of people don’t think about is that with an electric vehicle, you don’t have to fill up at gas stations anymore. You can set up an EV charging station in your garage and plug your car in at the end of the day.

5. The World Will Thank You

Depending on your priorities, the positive effect that you have on the planet may be the electric car benefit that means the most to you.

Electric vehicles release zero emissions which means that by driving one, you’d be doing your part to preserve the ozone layer, the environment, and your community’s air quality.

These Electric Car Benefits Just Scratch the Surface

If you were moved by the electric car benefits that we threw at you, we recommend stopping into your local dealership and leaning more. The benefits that we’ve shared barely scratch the surface of what you can enjoy and a friendly sales rep will be glad to fill you in on anything else that you don’t know.

Electric or gas powered if it has wheels on it, our team writes about it. Check out more of our vehicle-centric content right here on our blog if you’d like to dive deeper into the incredible machinery that moves us!