Junk Car

Are you wondering what to do with a car that’s on or well beyond its last legs?

The average car will last about 200,000 miles. This is quite a lot of mileage, especially if you use the car for regular tasks like commuting to work and running errands.

But a car needn’t clock 200K miles for it to be junk. Poor maintenance, poor build quality, and an accident are some of the things that can turn a vehicle into a junk car.

So, what are your options? Continue reading for an informative guide.

Hold On to It

Well, this is an unpopular option in this economy, but it’s still an option worth exploring.

There are instances when keeping a junk car might make sense. Let’s say the car is an heirloom; a legendary automobile that has been passed down many generations. Even if it can no longer start, the value it has to your family is far too great. You probably want your kids or grandkids to lay their eyes on it in the future.

Or perhaps it’s a classic car; a limited edition. Why would you want to throw or give away such a significant piece of automotive history?

If you’re not pressed for money and have enough space in your yard to store the car, holding on to it makes sense.

Sell It for Parts

A car has thousands of parts, which means when a car breaks down or reaches its end of life, not all parts die with it. Even within a dead engine, you can find parts that still work.

This is why you should consider selling the car for parts. Bring in a competent mechanic to assess the car and remove the parts that are salvageable. Once the parts are out, you can sell them in the used car parts market and make some money.

Donate to Charity

Donating a car that doesn’t work to anyone, let alone a charitable organization, might seem unhelpful or even offensive, but that’s not the case.

When you donate a junk car, don’t look at it in automotive terms. It still has some economic value. The recipient can still sell the parts or the car as a whole and make some money.

If the car’s value is $500, think of the junk car donation as a $500 donation.

Scrap or Junk It

Finally, the most popular option. When a car is dead, scrap or junk it.

Scrap yards crush the cars and sell the metal to companies that recycle the metal. Be sure to learn more about how these companies work.

In a nutshell, though, you can choose to scrap the car after removing any valuable parts, or you can scrap it as a whole.

You Have Options with Your Junk Car

Cars are built to live a long time, but certainly not forever. If your car has reached the end of its useful life or if it’s been in a bad accident, it’s a junk car. You can hold on to it if it has intrinsic value to you, sell it for parts, donate it, or scrap it. Your choice!

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