Wedding Transportation Ideas

We’ve all been there. You’ve planned your wedding meticulously but somehow forgot about providing transportation for wedding guests! Well, it’s good that you’ve remembered in enough time to book yourself an unforgettable means of transportation, rather than settling for what’s available.

So before you start scrolling through potential trolley and limo companies, let’s find out your unique options while accommodating traditional wedding transportation etiquette. 

1. Horse-Drawn Carriage

If a timeless atmosphere is what you’re looking for when arranging transportation for wedding guests, then this is perfect for your needs. Horse-drawn carriages are common in small-town and countryside weddings. They’re available in any city.

However, they aren’t ideal for rainy weather or slippery roads. The carriage is the best option for those who are looking for a classic, old-fashioned look.

2. Vintage Limo

The classic car of your dreams! Perhaps this is a dream car for many people out there. Vintage limos are usually a popular choice for movie scenes, and they look the part.

Wealthier clients usually pick limousines. It’ll cost a little more than some other wedding transportation ideas for guests of all ages, but you do get luxury, or at least the illusion of it!

3. Vintage Shuttle Bus

A classic shuttle bus will always provide an elegant look and creates an atmosphere just like old-fashioned cars from the pre-WWII era. Vintage shuttle buses are available in several colors so that you can match them with your wedding theme.

Specialist companies such as Xecutive Shuttle and Transport have a range of vehicles to cater to every need. You can even choose different styles or variations, such as Mercedes shuttles and Rolls Royces. 

4. Airplane

For those who want to go all out when finding transportation services for wedding guests, an airplane is the best choice. It’ll cost a fortune, but it’ll be such memorable transportation for your wedding!

It’s also good for destination weddings where you can land directly on the destination site. It’s great for those who want to combine old-fashioned style with a modern edge.

5. Yacht

If money isn’t an issue and you have more than enough of it, this will be the ride for you. A luxury yacht will cost you big money, but it’s worth every penny.

For a destination wedding, it can come with all the amenities of a first-class hotel. A mini-shack with a pool and beach area and an elite team to serve you all the time are some other examples of what’s included in yacht wedding packages.

Unforgettable Transportation for Wedding Guests

There are so many options out there that it’d be easy to get overwhelmed. However, if you keep your wedding theme and location in mind, your choice of transportation for wedding guests will be a lot easier.

One tip: always visit a company’s website and look at the photos of previous weddings they’ve done. Also, you can ask about their references, reputation and the rates for different vehicles. These would help you narrow down the list of potential transportation companies!

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