Motorcycle Gear

In 2018, there were over 12,231,000 motorcycle riders across the U.S. Experts believe that number will continue to rise throughout 2021 as more people switch to a cheaper transportation method.

If you’re planning to get a motorcycle, you might be confused about what motorcycle protective gear to get. 

Moreover, you’ll want motorcycle gear that will allow you to ride smoothly, whether it’s in the city or out in the countryside. That’s why today we will tell you the best motorcycle riding gear to get in 2021. 

Motorcycle Helmets

Despite some states allowing you to ride without one, helmets are the most important motorcycle riding gear you can get. This motorcycle protective gear will shield your face, head, and neck from serious or even lethal injuries. Additionally, a helmet blocks bugs, rubble, and wind, which can distract you from riding.

Here are the different helmets you can get:

  • Full-Face
  • Modular
  • Open-Face
  • Half-Shell

You’ll want to see each helmet in person to decide which one best suits your needs. If you want to check out more helmet styles, be sure to visit

Motorcycle Gloves

Motorcycle gloves are perhaps the most overlooked motorcycle gear as most riders think they can ride without them. This motorcycle riding gear will not only protect your hands in case of a crash but also provide comfort while using the throttle. There are three types of gloves you can buy:

  • Street bike gloves
  • Textile gloves
  • Off-road gloves

Keep in mind that there are various sizes, so check either the men’s motorcycle gear or the women’s motorcycle gear section when searching for this item. 

Motorcycle Pants

If you think that jeans are durable enough to protect you from a crash, then you’re quite mistaken. Specialized pants are another must-have motorcycle gear to use while riding. Motorcycle pants usually have padded armor in the hip, shins, and knees area.

While you may think that all these extra paddings will make you feel uncomfortable, far from it, as most come built with comfort and ventilation in mind. 

Motorcycle Jacket

Even though you may look cool riding a motorcycle with a leather jacket, that leather jacket will not protect you from falls or accidents. 

Of course, you can find some jackets that offer protection, comfort, and style. Keep in mind that you’ll also want a jacket that can protect you from the cold weather.

Fortunately, motorcycle jackets are one of the very few types of heated motorcycle gear that you can get.

Motorcycle Boots

Boots are the final piece of motorcycle gear you’ll want to get in 2021. While you can get extra protective boots that offer strong heel and reinforced ankle support, other options do just as well. For example, you can get specialized shoes that provide protection and still look stylish. 

Which Motorcycle Gear Will You Get? 

Always think about your safety when searching for motorcycle gear. Of course, there is some stylish protective gear out there, so if the style is important for you, keep that in mind. Once you get all the motorcycle gear you need, you can hit the road!

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