Flying on a Private Jet

Do you know that a commercial airline will go through an average of 700 touchpoints on every single flight, while a private jet will only encounter 20 touchpoints?

Exploring smart travel options will always point you towards flying a private jet, regardless of your travel priority, which can be safety, time, and even value. 

If this is your first time thinking about flying via private jet, don’t worry. You’ve come to the right place. Keep on reading for our full breakdown of why using a private jet for travel is the superior method of flying, one benefit at a time. 

The Main Driver of Private Jet Popularity: Safety

Keeping the current global pandemic in mind, there has never been a time where our health safety has been more important or more elusive. 

Thankfully, when you embark on private jet travel, you’ll be facing a much-reduced risk of both security and health risks. 

Remember the 20 touchpoints that you face when you’re flying via private jet? This will slash your potential risk for contagion by about 30 times lower in comparison to commercial travel. 

Moreover, when it comes to your pre-flight steps, you get to use private terminals and relax there. We can assure you that those won’t have the intense crowds that commercial airline terminals are infamous for. 

Of course, the fewer people you’re exposed to, the lower your exposure to health risks. 

Better Value for Money

In popular culture, hopping on a private jet is associated with huge amounts of money and wealth. However, you’ll find that private charter flights have actually decreased in cost by 30% to 50%. This brings the rates rather close to the same prices of flying first class on a commercial flight. 

You’ll find that when you’re dealing with a private jet charter company, you’ll be enjoying huge savings due to jet card memberships and similar programs. In short, once you’ve tried traveling by private jet, you’ll never look back.

Less Travel Time

The average time spent at airports for domestic flights is around 90 minutes. This time average jumps to a whopping three hours for international flights, and that’s for a one-way trip, so feel free to multiply by two for return trips. 

On the other side of the spectrum, you get private jet travel which can cut your travel time to 15 minutes before departure. That’s akin to waiting for an Uber. 

For business executives, when they fly by private jet, they get to maximize their travel hours on board and continue generating profit even in the air. After all, all of their travel paperwork, like their customs, immigration, and boarding, is finalized in a matter of minutes. 

Ready For a Smarter Way of Air Travel?

We know that people who’ve never flown by private jet might assume that the process is rather complex and expensive. So, hopefully, our little guide has shed some light on how easy and beneficial it can be to actually travel using a private jet. 

When in doubt, remember to do your research and reach out to your potential private charter companies. They’re rather known for their superb customer service practices. 

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