Car Crash

Being in a car crash is a high-stress situation that can lead to some costly mistakes. Saying or doing the wrong thing could mean thousands as well as points on your driving record. 

Since an uptick is expected in accidents nationally post-pandemic, now is the time to prepare for the possibilities. Let’s begin!

1. Make Sure Everyone Is Okay

The top priority of any car accident is personal safety. Property damage is something that can be assessed later.

For now, check yourself first and then the rest of your passengers. By ensuring your own safety, you will free yourself up to help others who might be suffering more severe injuries. 

2. Assess Damages

Once you have either determined everyone is okay or you’ve provided the care you can to those who are injured, it’s time to think about other damages. Take this time to assess your own vehicle, that of the other involved parties, and any surrounding objects or building structures.

You can feel more at-ease when contacting your car insurance company if you have a complete overview of the damages. Be thorough! 

3. Call Police

You’re not ready to call that car accident attorney just yet. The next call you should make is to the police, so they’ll know to get a unit out to you and the other parties. 

If someone else has already placed a call, that’s fine. Just ensure that it’s been done. At this point, you should also be thinking about the order of events. 

It’s not unusual to have trouble remembering exactly how something went down in the immediate aftermath. Take some time alone to reorganize the events and piece together your version of the events. 

4. Exchange Information

Something else you’ll want to keep in mind when ticking off the checklist of what to do if you’re in a car accident is the exchange of information. Why have we placed this after calling the police? 

Quite simply, you’ll want to ensure any tension between you and the other parties is kept in check. Automobile accidents can be incredibly emotional experiences. Road rage attacks are very real. 

Feel free to exchange information if everyone is pleasant. That said, make sure the police are notified and that someone is on the way if you are uncomfortable speaking to the other parties. 

5. Total Recall

You’ve already started piecing together the events. When police arrive, they’ll likely take a statement. Now’s the time to recall it as best you can.

Take your time. Use words wisely. Don’t be afraid to ask for another copy if you make a mistake and want a do-over.

Afterward, make sure you get a copy of the final report. If you sense some pushback or contradictory statements from the other side, or if there’s something on the report you don’t agree with, find an experienced attorney and schedule now to start building your case.

Taking the Right Steps After a Car Crash Is Vital 

Taking the right steps following a car crash will result in the best possible positioning should you or one of the other parties choose to pursue a lawsuit. Meet with your attorney to determine the next steps.

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