Benefits of Using an RV

Are you on the fence about going traveling on the road? 

Flying by air is definitely the most straightforward form of travel, but it comes with its own set of headaches! Traveling by RV has a whole range of benefits that make a trip memorable – for better or for worse!

If you’ve needed some reasons to convince your family or friends to go with you on that cross-country trip, then keep reading to discover seven tantalizing benefits of leisure RV travel that’ll have them itching to hit the road!

Going Traveling in an RV

When you think of RVs, what comes to mind? 

Is it roasting marshmallows by the campfire? Or is it the sound of the parent driving, yelling at the kids to settle down in the back?

Regardless of what comes to mind, it’s safe to say that traveling by RV is a cause for a safe, exciting adventure on the road!

1. Will We Be Safe?

Safety, and general wellbeing, is a common concern among travelers, and rightfully so. If you’re a more cautious person, then the thoughts of burglars waiting for a chance to break in might top the list of worries you might have. 

Luckily, campgrounds are typically safe. An angry skunk sneaking onto your campsite is more likely to occur than any theft. Some campgrounds may have security patrolling the grounds at all hours, but RVers are also not the type to steal from one another. 

But of course, it’s always recommended that you stay alert. You wouldn’t leave your front door wide open, right? 

2. Save Money on Accommodation 

Accommodation in a hotel can run a family hundreds of dollars a night, and it might not even be the cleanest hotel. 

One of the reasons people choose RV travel is the money you save when parking for the night. A typical RV site might run you anywhere from $25-$80 a night depending on any of the following factors:

  • Location
  • Size
  • Water and power connections

Of course, if you need to, you can find free overnight parking in spots like:

  • Walmart parking lots
  • Bureau of Land Management Land
  • Truck stops
  • Backcountry camping
  • National parks

3. Feel at Home

Traveling comes with a variety of frustrations that sometimes make you wish you were back at home. But with RV travel, it’s like taking your home on the road with you! 

The days of being cramped in a small sedan jam-packed with luggage or sitting in the middle seat on a crowded plane are long gone. It’s time you stretch your legs, eat healthily, and enjoy traveling. 

Your dog will also appreciate the extra room to lounge around!

Most people typically go on trips to spend quality time with those they love. RVs provide the perfect opportunity to share quality time in a flexible, stress-free environment. 

RVs’ space gives passengers a perfect ambiance for games and laughs rather than fights and sore necks. 

4. Never Forget Your Things 

Have you excitedly left on a trip only to realize that you forgot the essential item when reaching your destination? 

Yeah, forget about it! 

With RV camping, you have everything that you need at all times. First off, you’re limited to stuffing everything into one or two suitcases. 

You’re going to have all your cooking utensils, actual food, toiletries, and camping gear on hand! 

5. Save on Food

The savings don’t stop with accommodations. How much do you spend on fast food and restaurants when you travel somewhere? With most hotels, cooking isn’t exactly an option. 

If you take a week-long trip, how much would a group of four have to spend? Let’s assume one person eating three meals a day will cost on average $10 a meal. That’s $120 a day to feed four people! 

And that’s being extremely generous towards the cost of eating out. 

If you and your group were to cook instead, you’d probably spend $120 for the entire week for four people on groceries. 

6. Gas Money

RV traveling comes with numerous myths that need some busting. Spending $1000s on gas is one of them. Newer RVs have received a much-needed upgrade to their fuel efficiency.

Depending on the model you get, gas could cost the same as an airline ticket for one from LA to NYC! But if you decide to travel with one of the RVs that hook up to your truck, like the ones at Heartland RV Dealers, you could save significantly more. 

7. Enjoying the Outdoors

RV traveling doesn’t free you from the chores that you have back home. You’ll still need to wash dishes, cook, clean, take out the trash, and regularly discard the sewage. 

But in exchange for taking some chores on the road with you, you’ll have access to breathtaking trails, fishing creeks, and the relaxing sounds of nature right outside your door. 

It’s also nice to be able to have your toilet and shower that you absolutely know are sanitary. Also, after a long day of hiking or mountain biking, being able to relax in a comfortable bed rather than falling asleep without a shower in a tent might be a big plus for your other passengers and yourself. 

The US has some of the most revered national parks around the globe and enough space for everyone who wants to enjoy them! 

Your Next Trip

RV travel is becoming people’s first choice for more than the reasons discussed above. Words can’t do justice to the freedom you get with RV travel. 

If you’ve been on the fence or need to convince your travel companions to take an RV on your next trip, rent an RV for the weekend. Plan your route and prepare for an unforgettable experience!

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