Head-Turning Car Wrap

According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, Americans spend about 70 billion hours on the road each year.

With so much time spent on the road, you might be considering some car wrap ideas. Whether you have a business you want to promote or like to be creative, there are lots of great car wraps to choose from. 

This guide will discuss some popular ideas. Keep reading to learn more. 

1. Consider a Metallic Look

When it comes to the cost of car wraps, you should consider a metallic wrap. A metallic wrap is on the more affordable side because it’s a more subtle choice. It still helps your car stand out from a plain color wrap, however. 

A metallic wrap will give your car a polished finish without you having to spend a fortune on a new paint job. Check out some information on car wraps cost to learn what you’ll have to pay depending on your specific needs. 

2. A Tribal Pattern Will Stand Out

Another cool car wrap design you can choose is a tribal pattern. Tribal patterns look beautiful on sports cars. They also look best positioned on the side of your car. 

There are a few different styles of tribal patterns you can choose from. Polynesian tribal designs, Viking tribal patterns, Native American tribal, and traditional Celtic are just a few options you have.  

Do a little research and learn about what some typical tribal patterns mean. Choose the one that speaks the most to you. 

3. Create an Artistic Look 

You can also choose from artistic custom car wraps. Whether you want to show off a friend’s or your own art, this is a great way to do it. 

Have one of your favorite drawings turned into a vinyl you can stick to one side of your car or wrap it around the entire car. This can be an art project in itself, a driving art gallery. 

4. Add a 3D Print

There are many benefits of car wraps. They can make your car stand out and help you create a moving work of art too. 

Choose a 3D print if you want something that pops and draws a lot of attention. This is a great option for promoting your business.

A 3D print car wrap placed on the side of your car will let people see how creative you are. This might turn them into future customers. 

5. Create an Optical Illusion

An optical illusion is another cool car wrap idea. There are lots of creative directions you can take with this type of car wrap. Animals are great choices for these designs because of the freedom of movement you have. 

Car Wrap Ideas You Might Like

There are many car wrap ideas you can choose from to elevate the look of your car. Choose a metallic design for something more subtle or go all out with a 3D print. 

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