Halbach Array in Motors

Did you know that it is expected that there will be 18 million electric cars on the roads of the United States by the year 2025? One of the big reasons for the success of the electric car and electric motor is the Halbach Array.

If you haven’t heard of the planar Halbach Array then you’re probably not alone. The Halbach Array brushless motor is a vital part of every electric car motor as well as used in a variety of other effective appliances. The good news is that you’ve come to the right place to learn more about the Halbach Array and electric motor repair.

Continue reading to learn more about the basics of the Halbach Array and how it works.

What Is a Halbach Array?

You might be wondering, “What is a Halbach Array?” A Halbach Array is a series of magnets that are set up to produce power by rotating the magnets. This leads to one side having no power while the other side of the array receives an influx of power.

This design is capable of producing lots of power by creating a strong magnetic field inside of the array. A common use of Halbach Arrays is as the magnets used in refrigerators. There are also advanced ways of using the technology in a Halbach Array. Maglev train tracks use the Halbach Array to produce the magnetic levitation required for supporting the train carriages.

The Importance of Halbach Arrays in Electric Motors

Halbach arrays have a ton of importance when it comes to brushless electric motors. These designs are coveted for use in electric motors because they produce a large amount of power in a very efficient way. A big cause for the additional efficiency is that Halbach Arrays don’t require lamination and they don’t use back iron.

The fact that the motor is almost completely ironless helps to lessen the iron losses experienced by electric motors that don’t use a Halbach Array.

Another great benefit of Halbach Arrays when it comes to electric motors is that they’re much lighter than other forms of electric motors. Since the Halbach Array allows for an ironless engine, the¬†motor weighs far less than other types of electric motors.

This makes the Halbach Array perfect for the automotive industry because it allows for great power from a lightweight motor. This helps the car perform better and use less energy while also boosting handling capabilities. The Halbach Array helps the motor to reach top speed much quicker and is perfect for use in a motor vehicle.

The only drawback to the Halbach Array is the cost. It is much more expensive to acquire or build an electric motor equipped with a Halbach Array compared to an electric motor without one.

Make the Most of Electric Motors Today

A Halbach Array is a revolutionary piece of technology when it comes to the automotive industry. It allows for lighter and more efficient electric cars. It also goes a long way towards boosting the performance of these electric cars with the power it produces. 

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