Average Car Wrap Cost

Over 270 million Americans own a car, but it’s no secret that most cars just look too much alike. If you’re someone who wants more individuality for your car, it might be time for a change.

That’s where car wraps come in. It’s an excellent way of making your car stand out while achieving the look you’re looking for. 

But what are car wraps and how much do they cost? Are you on the fence about a car wrap cost for your vehicle? Check out this guide to help you understand how much you’ll pay and what goes into the price.

Difference Between Wraps And Decals

Something that we should make clear before anything else is the difference between car wraps and decals. Wraps are usually large graphics that cover an entire vehicle, while decals target specific spots on your car to spruce up.

As such, decals are mostly reserved for your hoods and trunks. If you just want to make one part of your car look good, decals are usually your first bet. Transforming your entire car, on the other hand, usually require car wraps.

So How Much Does It Cost to Wrap a Car?

Now that we know exactly what wraps are, let’s get down to the pricing. Generally speaking, you should expect to pay about $3,000 to $5,000 for full wraps on any commercial vehicle.

If you’re looking for partial wraps, you might pay as low as $1,500 depending on the surface area you’re trying to cover. Companies will usually charge per square foot when pricing your wraps. 

But square footage isn’t the only thing that determines prices. Let’s look at a few key factors that affect your car wrap cost.

Vehicle Type

When we say vehicle type, we’re not just talking about the size of your car. Like we mentioned, the bigger the car, the more it’ll cost when compared to small cars.

However, some cars have a lot of intricate curves that make it hard to conveniently wrap an entire vehicle. As such, a Mini Cooper might be comparably priced like a Chevy truck.


The design of your wraps could very well determine your end price. The car wrap colors that you might want for your car might end up increasing your price or lowering it.

If you’re going for a more intricate price, your designer might charge you more. Be aware of how much your design ideas might affect your overall car wrap prices.


You can safely expect your car wraps to last at least 5 or 6 years. With that said, some might be looking for something more permanent, in which case you should expect to pay more than usual.

You’ll also have to contend with laminations if you want to prevent scratches on your car wraps. While this step is recommended, it can up the price. 

With all of that added up, you should expect to be in the $3,000 to $5,000 range. If you want quality car wrap service for your money, visit up www.supremewrapsaz.com

Finding The Best Car Wrap Cost For You

Car wrap cost can definitely vary based on a few factors. Use this article to help you calculate your car wrap budget. 

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