car with scratches

Your car is a big investment, so of course, you want your baby to look the absolute best it can at all times.

Annoying scuffs and scratches can put a damper on your automotive pride and make your vehicle look worn down and unattractive.

If you want to keep your car pristine, read on to learn how to fix car scratches so you can restore your vehicle to its original, natural beauty.

Try a Scratch Removal Product

You can find car scratch removal products at most auto parts stores, and they’re pretty effective at helping buff those unsightly scuffs out. These products contain polishing agents that remove light scuffs and typically include wax that helps to fill in the scratches on the surface of your car.

Look for single-application formulas that are easy to use, and apply them directly to the scratch after you’ve rinsed the area down with a hose and let it dry. Once you apply the removal product, gently buff it out using a microfiber cloth.

Depending on how severe your scuff or scratch is, you may need to reapply the product a few times before you see results. As long as the issue is on the surface and not deep into the paint, this method should be pretty effective at getting it taken care of.

How to Fix Car Scratches with Paint

You may be able to get rid of ugly scratches with a bit of touch-up paint. Just make sure you select the exact color or else you’ll end up with a glaring difference which could make the problem worse.

There are also car color kits that can be applied to the scratch to camouflage the ugly scuffing. When applying anything in a spray format, be sure to use car care spray bottles that are specially made for automobile applications.

To make sure you choose the right color, get the exact color name from your vehicle manufacturer. It may also be somewhere on your purchase paperwork, so look for the color name in order to get the perfect match.

The Toothpaste Fix

Some car owners claim that a little bit of toothpaste can get car scratches out. This method is only recommended if the scratch is extremely mild and only superficial.

Toothpaste won’t really remove scratches from your car, but it can help to fill in the areas, making the paint job look smoother and more level. You can give toothpaste a try to see if this will reduce the appearance of mild surface scuffs. Just make sure you buff the toothpaste out completely or else it will leave behind a white film.

Say Goodbye to Car Scratches

Once you know how to fix car scratches, it’s easy to keep your vehicle looking beautiful. Try one of these methods to remove any scuffs and scratches yourself to return your car to its original glory.

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