Boat Safety

Have you always dreamed of owning a boat?

If so, there’s never been a better time to make the dream a reality.

This is especially true for anyone living near a great body of water where you can really get the most out of your vessel while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

But before you start shopping for different types of boats you’ve spent years fantasizing about, it’s important to learn the basic boat safety tips. After all, it’s crucial to focus on keeping you, your family, and your friends as safe as possible while out on the water.

This article takes a look at tips for staying safe on a boat or driving a boat so that your experience out on the open water will be enjoyable from beginning to end. Keep reading to learn more.

Everyone Need a Life Jacket

This one is a no-brainer. You should never go out on a body of water without a life jacket. In fact, you should always keep enough life jackets on board for as many people as the boat can safely hold.

The key is to make sure that each person wears a life preserver that fits properly to eliminate the possibility of it slipping off if someone falls into the water. And always purchase quality life jackets rather than trying to save a few dollars on cheap ones.

Here’s a resource where you can learn about life jacket requirements.

Take a Boating Safety Class

Next, it’s always wise to take a boating safety class so that you’ll be fully educated on how to operate your boat and how to deal with emergency situations. 

Most boating safety courses last a full day and will provide a wealth of information on how to keep you and your boat as safe as possible.

Keep Your Cell Phone Dry

If you plan to bring your cell phone out on the lake, keep it stowed where it won’t get wet. After all, you don’t want to drop it in the water.

Keeping your cell on the boat is helpful in case you need to call for help, but remember to focus on safety rather than having your nose glued to social media all day.

Never Drink Alcohol On Your Boat

Many people make the mistake of believing that they can easily operate a watercraft while under the influence of alcohol. But this is actually very unwise. 

Just like you would never drive your car while drinking, consuming alcohol while out on the water is simply asking for trouble.

Check the Weather Forecast Beforehand

Never take your boat out when the forecast calls for rain. Lighting can be deadly, and heavy rains can turn a pleasant day into a dangerous situation in a hurry.

A Guide to Boat Safety Tips

Investing in a new boat is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Fortunately, this guide to boat safety tips will help you avoid finding yourself dealing with a marine emergency.

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