The trucking industry has created 8.9 million job opportunities in the US alone. Unlike other vehicles designed to carry people, trucks have a unique build that enables them to transport cargo.

The trucking industry is essential in the delivery of products across countries. Choosing to invest in trucks is a rewarding venture. You can always hire them out when you are not using them in your business.

Before investing in one, it’s advisable to understand the different types of trucks. Since not all cargo is the same, trucks differ in size and functionality.

This guide highlights the various types of best trucks that exist today.

1. Small Types of Trucks

Mini trucks and small commercial vehicles fall under these types of trucks. These trucks have the least carrying capacity.

Therefore, you use them to transport lightweight parcels and appliances. Further, you can use them as commercial vehicles to transport passengers.

2. Light Types of Trucks

These types of trucks fall under 14000 pounds. Pick-up trucks are popular in the US because you can use them as a passenger car.

Besides, the sport utility vehicle falls under this category despite most people using it as a personal vehicle. Tow trucks come in different sizes and are mostly considered light trucks. They transport unroadworthy or mangled vehicles.

Another type of truck under this category is the panel truck. Auto manufacturers design them purposefully for the delivery of cargo. Therefore, they lack windows or any back seats.

3. Medium Type of Trucks

These types of trucks weigh between 14000 and 26000 pounds. Due to their holding capacity, they can have a wide range of uses. Most ambulances and courier service vehicles are medium trucks.

If you are looking to hire truck transport, then pick a vehicle in this category. They are the best trucks for the job. People use box trucks to transport furniture and home appliances.

A flatbed truck only has the cabin part and a flat body. Besides, trucks with a chassis where one can attach various bodies are medium trucks. They include party buses, ambulances, and minibusses.

4. Heavy Types of Trucks

The heaviest of all trucks weigh between 26000 and 33000 pounds. Under this category, we have cement trucks. They have a big cylindrical compartment that holds the cement and other materials.

Cement trucks are dual-purpose as they mix and transport cement. Tanker trucks have cylindrical tanks that hold liquids or gases in transit.

Besides, there are chill trucks that have refrigeration systems. They use dry ice as a cooling agent. Thus, they are the best trucks for transporting food products.

Moreover, logging trucks fall under this category. Loggers use them to transport loads of timber.

Hauling trucks have a higher carrying capacity than most heavy trucks. They are the best trucks to use when transporting heavy equipment in the mining and construction industries.

Various Types of Trucks

As noted above, various types of trucks have different carrying capacities. The trucking industry enables the supply of a wide range of goods across countries.

The best types of trucks to hire are the ones that suit your needs. Check out this website for more tips in the trucking industry.