Driving a Lamborghini isn’t like driving other cars. There are things you need to know to handle the speed and power like a pro. In 2019, there were over 33,000 vehicle crashes in the U.S., resulting in death!

If you get the chance to drive this supercar, you don’t want to look like an amateur. Keep reading for six Lamborghini driving tips that’ll make you feel like an expert!

1. Pretend You’re Driving a Lamborghini First

One of the best tips for driving a Lamborghini is to take your time and learn about the car before taking it for a spin. You need to know how a Lamborghini feels when you’re inside the car first. 

Learn about the buttons and what they do. When you first learn how to drive a Lamborghini, you don’t want to get distracted figuring things out on the road.

2. Learn How to Drive a Lamborghini Fast

One of the crucial supercar driving tips is to learn how the speed handles with this car. When driving a Lamborghini, don’t go all in at once. Give yourself time to learn.

Take it slow and build up some skill. The faster you go, the better you’ll need to handle unexpected issues that pop up along the way.

3. Know the Braking System

One of the critical tips for driving a Lamborghini is knowing how to use the braking system. Since this car has so much power, you can’t always press the brakes with a small amount of force.

If you’re heading into a tight turn, you’ll want to press the brakes hard at first. Once you go into the turn, you can remove your foot off the brake. 

4. Budget Lamborghini Driving Tips

Driving a Lamborghini doesn’t have to break the bank. Consider a Lamborghini rental to get the feel of the car before jumping into a sale.

If you get a Lamborghini rental for a few days, you’ll get to know the car and if you like driving it. You may decide to buy one or continue renting whenever the mood strikes. It gives you more experience and time to learn supercar driving tips for the future. 

5. Pick Your Driving Mode

Driving a Lamborghini can feel much like driving any other car, depending on the mode you choose. You get to pick STRATA, SPORT, CORSA, or EGO. 

You can set it to STRATA for regular every day road trips. SPORT gives you more power, and CORSA creates a racetrack feel. EGO lets you set the transmission style to your liking. 

6. Hand Position

When driving a Lamborghini, you need to get a feel for where your hands should go on the steering wheel. You might like the normal positioning, but some people feel better control at the 9 and 3 positions. Whatever you choose, when going fast, keep both hands on the wheel!

Fun Lamborghini Driving Tips

If driving a Lamborghini seems somewhat daunting, try to remember to have some fun with it. Yes, this is a super-fast car with a lot of power behind it. You should handle it with care, but it’s okay to have a ton of fun while driving!

These six driving tips will get you on the road burning some rubber in no time! Check out the rest of our site for more car driving tips and techniques.