Did you know that there is a massive rental car problem in 2021? This is due to rental companies selling off their stock at the beginning of the pandemic, coupled with the major increase in travel since vaccines began to roll out.

If you are renting a car for your next big trip, then you should know all of the rental car tips and tricks to get the most out of your money. Here are some tips for car rental deals that you do not want to pass up.

1. Keep it Clean

You should try to pick up your trash and make sure your rental car is clean while you have it. This way, you can avoid scrambling to clean up everything when you have to bring your car back. A good tip is to keep a plastic bag in the front and back seat to easily collect trash, which you can take out and throw away.

2. Compare Rental Companies

Not all car rental companies offer the same selection or price range. You should always compare prices before you decide on which rental car company you want to go with. Some companies may run specials around certain times of year to incentivize customers.

Many third-party sites allow you to compare prices in one place, based on the type of car you need. You can also look at rental fees and other add-ons that could affect the price of your rental car.

3. Look Into Credit Card Bonuses

When you rent a car, you should always check with your credit card provider to see if you can get any good deals. Oftentimes, you can purchase a car with credit card points or get a hefty discount.

Go on your credit card website and navigate to travel and rental car options from there to see opportunities that could save you a lot of money when renting a car.

4. Pick Up Away from the Airport

In most locations, renting a car at the airport is actually the most expensive option. Try finding a location closer to your hotel to save more money. You may even be able to drop your rental car off at the airport when you leave, reducing your overall travel time.

5. Inspect the Car First

Before you drive off with your new rental car, you should inspect it first so you will not get hit with damage fees later. For instance, if you see scratches or cosmetic problems, document them and point them out to the rental car provider. That way, you can prove immediately that the issues were there before you took control of the car.

Use These Rental Car Tips

If you need to get a rental car, you should not have to worry about if the process is stressful. With these rental car tips, you can pick up your vehicle and be on your way to enjoying a fantastic vacation in no time.

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