There are over 3,000 fatal car accidents each year.

One of the most dangerous times to drive is in bright sunlight. When you have to drive towards the sun, stay safe by keeping your windshield extra clean. If your windows are squeaky clean, but the sun’s glare is still blinding you, then it’s time to start shopping window tinting companies.

What other signs are there that point towards needing a window film? Read on to find out!

1. Your Tint Looks Purple

Is it tint on your car windows bubbling and purple-looking? If you performed a DIY tint, the film is likely beginning to bubble up by now. If you bought your car used, and you’re noticing purple bubbles, the previous owner probably did the tinting.

The problem with self-tints is that they’re often misapplied using cheap materials. Whereas, professionals are going to use metalized films that come with lifetime warranties.

Window tinting companies will also know how to apply the film so that it stays in place longer. If you’re unsure what company to go with, has a great article about finding the perfect fit.

2. Your Tint Is Outdated

Even if the tint on your car windows looks good, if it’s old, it’s not providing you with enough protection. Tint technology has improved over the last few years. This technology includes advanced UV protection, so your car can stay cooler than ever before.

Instead of running up your gas bill by cranking the air conditioner, tints keep your car from heating up. They’re even some tints that offer glass shattering abilities.

If someone was trying to break into your car, The tint would be strong enough to keep the window from falling apart.

Even though the glass would break, the firm film would hold the shattered glass in place. Potential thieves would notice that your car is a difficult target and would probably give up.

3. You Need More Privacy

When you have a hectic schedule, the time you spend in the car can be the only time you get to yourself. If you don’t want to share your time with the rest of the world, then you need a tint to accommodate.

A well-made window tint film is going to be able to keep you hidden from the rest of the world while allowing you to people watch it at your leisure. If privacy is the main reason you’re tinting your windows, look for a company that offers high-performance metalized films.

Using a mirror tinting film, the thin metal layer can reflect all of the exterior light. High-performance metalized films also give your car a cool, sleek appearance. If you’re thinking about selling your car, getting the tint redone with a mirror effect can increase the resale value.

Start Talking to Window Tinting Companies

After reading this article, do you think it’s time to get a new set of tint for your car windows? Since you won’t know the exact services offered until you call, start calling window tinting companies today.

Do a little bit of price shopping as you find out the different levels of tinting technology they can offer. The sooner you make your car safer, the easier your life will be. For more tips like these, explore the rest of our website.