If you have a car, you know how important it is. It gets you from point A to B and gives you the freedom and convenience to go wherever, whenever.

But if you don’t maintain your car, it’ll fall into disrepair fast. By inspecting and checking it often, though, it’ll last you for decades.

To help keep your car in great shape, here are 7 car maintenance tips to keep in mind.

1. Check That Your Tires Are Inflated Properly

Once per month, take a moment to check on your tires. Make sure they’re at the correct PSI and, if they’re low, get some air added to them. When the tire pressure is too low, you’re at a higher risk of a blowout or excessive wear and tear.

Checking your tires is especially important for winter maintenance. The air inside them condenses when cold, causing the pressure to decrease drastically.

2. Keep the Exterior Protected

Maintaining a car on the outside is as important as the inside. It’s susceptible to scratches, chips, and stains. A great way to keep it protected is by putting a coat of wax on it twice per year. 

For further paint protection, you might consider a ceramic coating as well. It acts as a long-lasting barrier for the entire exterior. Visit this site to learn more.

3. Regularly Inspect the Fluids

Your vehicle relies on different fluids, like coolant and brake fluid, to keep it moving. A significant part of maintaining a car is inspecting these fluids often. Make sure they’re at the correct level by checking them while the engine is cool.

4. Change The Oil Every 5,000 Miles

While inspecting your oil levels, you may notice that the oil has changed in color. Clean oil is similar to an amber color, while old or dirty oil is black. If your oil appears dark, that’s a great indicator that it’s time to get an oil change.

You can also get a change based on how many miles you’ve driven. It’s recommended to get an oil change at least every 5,000 miles, though this varies by make and model.

5. Replace the Windshield Wipers

Like any car part, the windshield wipers can get worn down. If they’re damaged or old, they can fail to clear away rain and snow or scratch the glass. Every six months or once they start to fail, replace the wipers.

6. Test the Battery Twice per Year

Your car needs its battery to be in working condition as it’s an essential component. So, test it at least twice per year to ensure it’s working correctly. You should keep it clean, as well, because protecting a car battery from corrosion or debris keeps it working longer.

Care For Your Car With These Car Maintenance Tips

Maintaining a car is critical to keep it performing at its best. That’s why you must remember these car maintenance tips! By doing so and checking it regularly, you’ll ensure your car lasts for a long time.

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