Do you need a better way of scanning a VIN code?

Almost 18,000 new car dealer businesses operate in the United States. If your business is selling vehicles, scanning the VIN is a must.

Before, searching and recording your VIN was all about transcribing it using a pen or paper. However, technological advances now allow VIN reading with various devices.

Are you looking to use a VIN code reader? Our guide can help. Read on and learn how a scanner benefits you:

A VIN Code Reader Is Fast and Accurate

Some scanners have optical character recognition technology. It allows them to scan VINs instantly. In some brands, they are 20 times faster than manual data entry.

VIN codes have 17 characters, meaning an instant scan will make your VIN reading more convenient. You can integrate it as a mobile app, website plugin, or backend IT system. 

It is more advantageous for car shop owners with a large number of vehicles in their care. After all, the time they saved from manual scans allows them to improve other business processes. It optimizes your workflow and reduces the necessary resources.

Aside from time savings, a VIN scanner is highly accurate. They have over 99% accuracy, translating to near-perfect scan results when used in practice. It is more reliable than some technicians due to the rampant human error during manual input.

VIN Scanners Are Safe

VIN identifiers are unique codes, making it a priority to keep all scan information confidential. When you need security during your scans, automatic scanners are the best choice.

Most reputable scanners keep your data safe before uploading it to other storage media. Some applications do the scan within your device without connecting to the internet. This security level ensures your private data remains protected from third-party entities.

Offline scans also allow you to do it whenever and wherever. You can enjoy the application’s computing power using your mobile phone.

VIN Scanning Is Easy

Mobile VIN scanners are easy to pick up and use. Scanning is simple since you can activate the app once you find the VIN. It often has a camera view featuring a cut-out area for scanning the numbers.

Scanners have feedback to let you know whether the scan was successful. You will know whether your camera is shaky or have insufficient lighting. These features make VIN scanning more intuitive while improving accuracy further.

Some dedicated devices require training. If you find these intimidating, consider looking for more convenient and user-friendly options. Shop here and find the best one for you.

Get a VIN Code Reader Now

These are some benefits of a dedicated VIN code reader. Use these to learn how to read car VIN numbers more conveniently.

However, learning about the VIN code is only the beginning. Consider looking for more ways to make your car dealership more convenient.

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