Did you know that over 1 million cars were sold in January 2020 alone?

Buying a new car can be an exciting time. If you’re a car lover, you may see this as the chance to upgrade to an even better vehicle!

That said, it’s crucial to know what to ask when buying a car. Plenty of people would love a chance to make a quick buck, regardless of the quality of their sales. 

So, if you want to know what to ask when buying a car, check out our guide! We’ll give you the tips you need below.

Is the Car on the Lot?

These days, many people shop for cars the way they do everything else: online. There’s nothing wrong with online shopping, but sometimes it leads to misconceptions. If you see a vehicle you love on the website, go to the physical dealership and ask to see it.

When you see a car in person, you can examine the model and its trim level in greater depth. This examination gives you a clearer idea of whether to buy it.

What to Ask When Buying a Car: What Is the Total Price?

You may look at the price sticker on a car and think that’s the total. In reality, that sticker is more like the starting point. Most cars have extra fees and additional inclusions that add several hundred dollars to the price.

So, try not to be overawed by an affordable sticker. Instead, make sure you understand what you’re really paying.

What Payment Terms Are Available?

You may see a car that you love. It may feel like the best driving vehicle you’ve ever tried. But, if the payment plans don’t fit your budget, it’s probably not the best vehicle for you.

So, ask your dealership what payment terms are available. If you find you can afford it, then excellent! Otherwise, it’s best to keep looking.

Questions to Ask When Buying a Car Used

You may prefer to buy a car used. If so, that’s understandable! However, you’ll need to take a different approach when buying used cars. 

The following are some questions you need to know when asking how to buy a used car:

  • Where did the previous owner get the car? 
  • Can you see the CarFax report on the vehicle? 
  • How long ago was the vehicle last maintained?
  • Can you take it for an extended test drive? 
  • What are some financing options?

Each of these questions can help you determine if the car is worth your time. Lastly, we’ll discuss how to trade your vehicle.

Trading a Car

Most dealerships allow you to trade in your current vehicle to help pay off part of the new vehicle’s price. Generally speaking, the better shape your car is in, the more money you’ll get. 

However, your car may have suffered irreparable damage in a wreck or other accident. If so, you can learn who buys junk cars to help generate funds for a new vehicle.

Find Your New Car

If you were wondering what to ask when buying a new car, we hope this helped! Use these questions to find your new vehicle today.

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