Is your car suddenly making strange noises or leaking fluid? Have you noticed changes in its performance or its fuel efficiency?

Is your “Check Engine” light on? And have you noticed a lot more smoke coming from your tailpipe?

Most importantly, do these signs mean that you need auto body repairs? Actually, yes, they do.

In fact, it’s rather urgent that you get your vehicle to a car repair service if you notice these signs. And you’re about to find out why.

Below, we list and explain the top signs that your car needs repairing. If your car shows any of these signs, get it to an auto body shop right away.

1. Exhaust Smoke Changes

Noticeable changes in your car’s exhaust fumes can mean all sorts of bad news. For instance, black smoke typically means that your car is burning fuel too fast. 

White smoke indicates that you have a coolant leak in your engine. And bluish smoke means that your car is burning oil.

These problems are not only bad for your vehicle. They’re also bad for the environment. So don’t wait to get this repaired.

2. Noises and Vibrations

Any strange new noise in your car (rattling, squeaking, grinding) is a very bad sign. It might mean that you have a loose component or that your car’s inner workings don’t have enough lubrication.

Most importantly, though, these problems can quickly get much worse. And by worse, we mean that your car will become expensive to repair and dangerous to drive.

Vibrations are also a cause for alarm. They usually indicate that something is wrong with your steering system, tires, or wheel alignment.

3. Fluid Leaking

What’s that fluid leaking from your car? We’re not sure.

But we’re sure it’s important for one or more of your car’s functions. Get it checked out by professionals right away.

4. Decreased Fuel Efficiency

It’s true that cars lose a little of their fuel efficiency as they age. Still, a sudden, huge drop in fuel efficiency is entirely different.

Fortunately, there’s usually an easy solution. Most of the time, getting a tune-up or replacing the spark plugs will solve this.

5. Check Engine Light

A lot of your dashboard indicator lights can be addressed with simple DIY fixes. For instance, if your tire pressure’s low, take your car to an air pump and fill your tires.

A check engine light is different, though. It can mean lots of issues that only a certified mechanic can diagnose and fix.

6. You’ve Had an Accident

Always go to an auto body shop after an accident. Besides collision repair, the mechanic can tell you if your car has any serious issues, too.

Likewise, you should also do this if your car is damaged by natural causes, like rockslides. This includes hiring hail repair services after a heavy hailstorm.

Do You Need Auto Body Repairs?

If your car is displaying any of the problems above, then you definitely need auto body repairs. Call a trustworthy mechanic in your area to have your vehicle checked out right away.

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