Over 11 million American households have an RV, which shows they’re more popular than you might expect. 

Owning an RV gives you the freedom to explore the country, meet like-minded people, and bring your home along for the adventure. But it’s important to properly care for your RV; otherwise, it could cause problems further down the road. Perhaps you’re planning to store your RV for an extended period and you’re not sure how to prepare it.

Sounds like you? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Read our RV maintenance checklist to help you. 

Inspect the Roof 

Before putting your vehicle in RV storage, it’s important to inspect the roof. Look out for any leaks and open seams in your vents, skylight, or AC unit. If you notice any, then apply a sealant that’s compatible with the roof material. 

Drain the Fluids 

One of the top RV maintenance tips is to drain the fluids. This includes the water tank, plumbing system, and water heater. Note, you must do this step in winter; otherwise, the liquid could freeze and burst the pipes, costing you a fortune in repairs. 

Do a Deep Clean 

Not sure how to clean an RV? Then, dedicate an afternoon to deep clean the interior and exterior. 

Disinfect and scrub the furniture, flooring, and cooking area so there aren’t any leftover crumbs. You should also give your vehicle a thorough wash with soap and water as it will help remove any grime. 

Remove the Battery 

Once you’re finished cleaning and RV, remove the battery and keep it in a temperature-controlled area. If you skip this part, then your battery may get damaged by becoming too hot or cold. Note that motorists storing their RV in a climate-controlled indoor facility can leave the battery in the vehicle and put it on trickle charge.  

Then, make sure you place the RV on blocks as it will remove pressure on your tires. 

Pest-Proof the RV

A major part of RV maintenance that shouldn’t be overlooked is pest-proofing the vehicle. Make sure there are no gaps where unwanted visitors can crawl into. To do this, install special screens and plug vents as it will deter insects.

Cover Your RV

Not sure how to care for an RV? Then, throw a cover over it, especially if it’s not in storage. You can choose a customized one or keep your RV under a canopy as it will protect it from direct sunlight, rain, and dirt.  

You should also place covers over your furniture, so you can stop pests from chewing on the upholstery and prevent dust from building up. 

Enjoy Our RV Maintenance Checklist

Hopefully, after reading our RV maintenance checklist, you’re ready to store your home-on-wheels. 

Start by inspecting the roof, drain any fluids, and remove the battery, especially if you’re storing the vehicle over winter. You should also get a cover and do a deep clean so it’s ready for the warmer months. Good luck!

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