Your new Tesla is a beautiful work of art. At the same time, it’s an expensive piece. 

If anything happens to your car, you want to be sure that you can afford to fix it. The idea of going to the dealership for repairs makes your stomach turn because you’ve got a great mechanic who’s done your work in the past for a fair price. 

That said, can you take that Tesla to a body shop? We’re going to look at this question today, giving you some insight into how you should plan to get your vehicle fixed when issues arise. 

Let’s get started. 

Can You Take a Tesla to A Normal Body Shop?

The answer to this question is a complicated one. It’s difficult because every Tesla model has its own particular set of parts. There’s some overlap, but generally speaking, the Tesla supercharger has parts that are distinct from the Tesla Model S, and the Tesla Model 3 has parts that are distinct from those two. 

To make it more complicated, the vehicles aren’t compatible with almost any parts other than those made in the Tesla factor. This complicates the process of finding and installing those parts because most individuals aren’t trained to do so. 

Your average auto body shop won’t have the access or training to repair a Tesla on any given day. 

Tesla Certified Repair Shops

In order for a repair shop to have the access and training to repair Teslas, they have to get certified by Tesla itself. When you find a Tesla Certified Collision Repair center, you’ll know that they can fix your car. 

If the place isn’t certified and they claim they can still fix your vehicle, you should be suspicious. Be suspicious for a couple of reasons. First, their means of getting Tesla parts might not be legal, considering that Tesla has to condone the shipment of any of their parts to repair shops. 

They don’t ship to non-certified shops, so the parts you’re getting from a random shop might not be legal. Second, they probably don’t have the training required to install your equipment well. 

Teslas are complex vehicles, and the installation process of different aspects might not be the same as it is in other vehicles. That means that your final product could be unsafe, or it might detract from the value of the vehicle in one way or another. 

In large part, this is due to the sophisticated level of computer technology in these vehicles. Almost every part relates back to the main CPU in one way or another, and incorrect installation throws a wrench in that entire process. 

Want to Learn More About Vehicle Repairs?

Hopefully, our look at the Tesla repair policy gave you some insight into your vehicle and how to get it back in working order. There’s a lot more to learn about your vehicle and what it’s capable of, though. 

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