In the US, there are over 284 million registered vehicles. Not only do we need our precious cars to go to work and run errands, but it’s like a second home where we can get in and drive aimlessly or go on a fun road trip.

Considering all the purposes a vehicle serves us, when it comes time for you to buy a new one, it’s important to find not just the right car, but also the best dealership.

Finding the best auto dealership can be tough though. So read on for a brief guide on what to look for (besides a good reputation)!


Some ambitious car owners look outside of their local areas to try and get better deals. And often, this works out for them, so you might want to do the same as well!

However, you’ll have to weigh the deal and distance. You need to take into consideration what needs to be done in person (such as making payments or having maintenance done) and how often these events happen. Now is that worth driving 10 hours roundtrip to get a cheaper car?

In the end, going local might be the best choice.

Business Hours

Car dealerships will have different business hours, which is ok. But what you need to check is if their phone number and business hours are prominently displayed. If you can’t find anything but an address, then this might mean the dealership’s not dedicated to helping their customers out and are only focused on making sales.

When you choose a good dealership, this decreases your need for contacting them, since you’ll have fewer issues. But if you do run into problems, you want to make sure you’ve got a dealership that’s always there for you.

Financing Options

Chances are, you won’t be able to afford buying a car outright. So you’ll want to find a dealership that has good financing options.

You need to do this before you even browse their stock options since it’ll be useless to pick out a nice car, only to find that the dealership doesn’t have financing options that work for you.


Speaking of inventory, you’ll want to choose a dealership that has both new and used cars, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Finding one that lists their inventory is a huge bonus, since you can check out what they have without leaving your house.

Of course, if you find anything good, you’ll want to call the dealership to check it’s still available before you head over for a test drive.

Find the Best Dealership for Your Needs

It can feel like a real headache when it comes to finding the best dealership. But by putting in a little work, it’ll be worth it when you can get the best experience (and deal!) possible.

So use our guide and good luck finding the car of your dreams!

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