It’s no secret that dash cameras can be highly useful for law enforcement. In fact, many crimes would not have been resolved if it were not for dash cam footage.

However, many people are unaware that these cameras also provide plenty of utility for the average driver. When it comes to choosing different types of dash cams, though, that everybody understands how to make the decision that is ideal for them. Let’s explore how to find the best dash cam for you.


As you might assume, the resolution of your dash camera will play a large role in how useful it is for you. If you’re looking to capture details like license plates and faces, you’ll need a camera with high resolution.

Conversely, if you just want something to record your trips for insurance purposes or to have as evidence in the event of an accident, a lower resolution will suffice.

Angle of View

The angle of view is another important consideration when choosing a dash cam.

Cameras with a wide angle of view capture more of the scene in front of you, which can be very helpful if you’re involved in an accident. Conversely, cameras with a narrow angle of view provide less coverage but typically have higher resolution.

Memory Capacity

Dash cams use a lot of memory, so it’s important to choose one with enough storage for your needs. If you plan on using your dash cam to record lengthy road trips, you’ll need a model with a high memory capacity.

Conversely, if you just want something to capture the occasional bump or scrape, a lower capacity will do. Although many people assume differently, cameras with a larger memory capacity are not necessarily more expensive.

It’s entirely possible to use an SD card to store the footage that you capture. When it comes to cameras that have a larger amount of built-in storage, though, you may have to pay a bit more.

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Extra Features

Dash cams come with all sorts of extra features, some of which are more useful than others.

For example, footage protection will prevent you from overwriting existing video data. This is particularly useful if you happen to record an incident that you need to report to the police.

If you accidentally overwrite the footage, you will no longer have evidence of what transpired. This could easily stop you from successfully making an insurance claim.

It could also prevent a negligent driver from receiving the proper punishment.


Many dash cams can be expensive, but there are a variety of models to choose from at all price points.

It’s important to find one that fits your budget while still providing the features you need. Just be sure to read reviews before buying, as not all lower-priced dash cams are created equally.

The last thing you want to do is spend money on a device that is not able to meet your needs, as you will inevitably end up buying a different camera in the future.

Frame Rate

The frame rate is just as important to consider as the overall resolution. For example, a camera with 1080p resolution and 30fps may provide better video footage than one with 1440p resolution but only 15fps.

It’s important to find the right balance of features for your budget while keeping in mind that you’ll get what you pay for.

Gps Functionality

Many cameras have GPS functionality, something that can help you determine the location of a specific incident that you record.

Dash cams that include GPS functionality and built-in memory are typically more expensive than those without, but it’s an expense well worth paying for if you’re looking for the best dash cam available. So, be sure that you keep this in mind when moving forward.

Wireless Connectivity

Modern dash cameras often have no trouble connecting to wireless devices via Bluetooth. This can come in handy if you want to easily transfer footage from your camera to your computer or phone. However, not all cameras include this functionality, so be sure to double-check before making a purchase. This type of camera would be a great addition to your driver essentials.

Night Vision

A common feature on dash cams is night vision, which allows the device to record clear video footage even in low-light conditions. If you’re often driving at night or in other dark environments, this is a feature you’ll definitely want to look for since it will help maximize driver safety.

Otherwise, you might not be able to capture footage that you can use at a later date.

Audio Recording

Many dash cams also include audio recording, which can be a valuable asset if you need to provide evidence in an accident, as you’ll be able to hear what’s going on around your car while you’re behind the wheel.

You could also narrate the situation as it unfolds if you know that your camera is able to record audio.

Choosing the Best Dash Cam Is Easier Than You Think

These are just a handful of factors to consider when purchasing a dash cam. Be sure to keep all of these factors in mind as you make your decision, and you’re sure to find the best dash cam for your needs.

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