So, you decided to join the modern American Dream.

Since the turn of the century, the van life trend has blossomed into life. According to the Census Bureau, around 140,000 vans and RV’s were labeled housing units in the U.S.

It’s easy to see why this number is so large. Due to camper van conversions, the cost of setting up life on the road has become a reality for many.

And if you continue reading, you can find out how to make it a reality for you.

Researching and Picking a Van

There are numerous factors you need to consider before committing to a van. If you’re on a budget, you might be inclined to purchase the cheapest van available. But we’re here to tell you that this should never be the case.

Focus on what you expect from your van. Do you need a shower and a toilet? If so, you will need a larger vehicle. Are you planning to do off-roading? If the answer is yes, an RV is certainly not for you. 

But the main thing you need to factor in is its maintenance. The bills quickly add up when you’re constantly doing repairs. But what’s even more damaging is that you may be putting your safety at risk.

The Camper Van Conversion

79% of van lifers build and design a camper van independently. Although this can save you a lot of your hard-earned cash, you still need tools, time, and a space to work.

The camper van layout is critical. It will dictate how comfortable and accessible your life will be. Over at camper rental adventures, you can pick up ideas that wouldn’t even cross your mind!

You cannot take storage space for granted. It’s easy to forget about it when trying to cram as much home comforts into a relatively small area.

Many people solved this problem by raising their beds. By doing so, you can create a large storage unit. It’s perfect for storing bulky items such as bikes or hiking equipment.

Hidden Costs

You must plan and research how much money you can spend each month. If you don’t acknowledge the costs of living on the road, your camper van holiday may be over before it even begins.

Of course, the cost of fuel is the obvious one that stands out. But these hidden costs will come back to haunt you if not factored into your budget.


Yes, you can find some free campsites. But in popular destinations and national parks, you could end up paying $30 for the night.


If your campervan has a kitchen, you can save yourself a lot of money instead of eating out. But it’s important to remember that turning on the propane to cook your meals will cost you money.

A great way to save money is to cook your food on a campfire.


Repairs and maintenance to your van are a primary concern. But it’s important not to forget about repairs to your items.

If you’re a freelancer and your laptop breaks, you need to replace it or fix it as soon as possible.

Your Camper Van Adventure

You had the dream, you had the desire, and now you have the tools to make your camper van conversion into a reality.

It’s not long now until you wake up in a blanket of snow while sipping a warm coffee in your cozy camper van.

But if you want to master life on the road, you can do so by checking out the rest of our in-depth blog. And the best part, it’s completely free.