Did you know that 55 percent of fleets reported a reduction in fuel costs by using an Enterprise Fleet Management program to track fleet fueling and driving? There is a lot more that goes into how to fuel a fleet than adding fuel to the gas tanks of your vehicle. If you’re managing a fleet then odds are that you’re looking for every way that you can save money and find an advantage.

Managing a fleet is no easy job, but learning tips on how to fuel an enterprise fleet goes a long way towards improving your efficiency and increasing your profits. The good news is that you’ve found the perfect spot to learn all about fleet management for enterprises.

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1. Hire a Fleet Inspector

One great thing that you can do when it comes to enterprise fleet management is to hire a fleet inspector to check out all of your fleet vehicles. Taking this step is a huge move towards maintaining your vehicles and ensuring that they’re ready to go for each and every job that they face.

These basic maintenance steps like tune-ups and cleaning will go a long way towards helping you get the most out of your two most important aspects: your drivers, and your trucks. If you find that you can’t manage all of these things on your own then you owe it to your fleet and yourself to hire a fleet inspector.

2. Get Enterprise Fleet Management Software

Getting fleet management software is one of the best investments that you can make as a fleet manager. Fleet management software like Instafuel makes managing your fleet vehicles and their fuel consumption a breeze compared to doing it manually. You’ll find a major increase in savings and fuel efficiency when it comes to your fleet trucks and your drivers.

3. Get the Right Vehicles for the Job

Investing in the wrong type of vehicles for the jobs that your fleet is supposed to perform is a major mistake that you need to avoid s a fleet manager. Getting the wrong vehicles will make your fleet less efficient and put more stress on your fleet drivers. If you’re overloading your fleet vehicles then it will lead to maintenance issues.

The additional weight and stress will put additional wear and tear on the suspension, brakes, and the tires. This makes managing your fleet even more difficult because you’ll run into maintenance issues much faster when using the wrong vehicles.

Take Your Enterprise Fleet Management to the Next Level

It can seem like an impossible task when trying to handle enterprise fleet management all on your own as a fleet manager, but there are some fleet management tips that will help you out. Make sure that you’re using fleet management software for all of your vehicles and consider hiring a fleet inspector. Taking these steps will improve the maintenance of your fleet and help you save money.

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